UMBC Students Reclaim Their Stories, “I’m Not/I Am”

UMBC Students Reclaim Their Stories, “I’m Not/I Am”

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The Women’s Center and Women of Color Coalition partnered at University of Maryland Baltimore County to launch “Telling Our Stories: I’m Not/I Am.”

The powerful images coming out of this project have been readily received on social media sites like Twitter and Tumblr. We can never have enough representations of women of color reclaiming their history, and their truth.

The project is divided into two aims. Aim one is to reject stereotypes about women of color and raise awareness. And the second aim creates spaces and opportunities for voices of women of color and counternarratives.

And guess what one of the overall goals of the project is? Disruption!

Students at UMBC wanted to disrupt the assumption that on their campus there is no issue of racialized gender stereotyping. If a place like this exists, please point me to it!

Let’s follow in the coalition builders and students at UMBC foot steps and find ways to uplift our own communities in a beneficial way!

Check out some of the posters from the project here.

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