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PREMIERE: Jhené Aiko’s Eternal Sunshine

She’s soulful. She’s deep. She’s beautifully raw. She’s Jhené Aiko and her new music video “Eternal Sunshine” encompasses all she is. The video references very real, very tragic moments in her life (the death of her brother and a car crash involving her daughter, sister, daughter’s father, and herself), but her tone isn’t morose, it’s one of acceptance and peace. Once again, Jhené illustrates why she’s the chillest in the R&B game.

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Jay Z + Beyonce Show Their Support At The “Justice For Trayvon” Rally !!!

Our favorite power couple, Jay Z and Beyonce came out today to show their love and support for Trayvon Martin.  Rev. Al Sharpton and leaders of the community organized a peaceful rally in the city of New York to support Trayvon, and also protest against the “Stand Your Ground” law, which was the precedent for Zimmerman’s not guilty verdict.

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