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Has Nicki Minaj Gone Natural ?!?

Via NecoleBitchie

Behind those wigs, and Barbie makeup, Nicki Minaj is a beautiful woman!

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Curls That Are Defined All Day !!!




By: Tawanda Johnson (TJLuvsbeingnatural)


One of the best things about embracing your natural hair is the versatility that comes along with it.  Achieving curl definition is one of the many ways that naturals can style their tresses. I’ll never forget the first time I defined my curls.  I was amazed that my hair was capable of looking the way that it did.  That’s when I truly began to fall in love with my natural hair journey.

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Taren Guy Reviews Motions Straight Finish!! (Video Inside)

Via NaturallyCurly

Many of our curly community members want to know about ways to temporarily straighten their curls without damaging them. Don’t get us wrong, we love embracing our curls, but ask any curly why she loves her hair and she’ll tell you: versatility. Unlike our straight-haired friends, we have the option to rock our hair any way we like! But we want to ensure that your curls stay hydrated and healthy no matter what. The safest way to do this is to use protective products whenever you heat style.

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800 992 Natural Styles By Lisa

4 simple tips to stay motivated throughout your natural hair journey

Via Curly Nikki

By Alicia James of

4 Simple Tips To Stay Motivated Throughout Your Natural Hair Journey


Q: Why Did You Go Natural

A: Always remember why you made the decision to go natural. How important is it to you? I made the decision to go natural, because my hair was literally falling out of my head. I struggled with retaining length most of my life, and I can’t imagine going back to that place.

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Natura New Hair Alert: Jada Pinkett- Smith Debut’s Her New Sassy Hairstyle !

Jada has that kind of look, where she can wear pretty much any hairstyle and make it look hot!!  Over the years, her hair has evolved so much, that we’re always anticipating what she’s going to do next.  Yesterday, Jada released a pic of her “summer-do” to her Facebook followers, and I’m sure it will be the inspiration for a lot of hairstyles this summer.  Jada is rocking an A-symmetrical bob (with one side longer than the other), and cute honey/ash blonde ombre’ accents for her color.

Are you feeling Jada’s new hairstyle or no?



( Photo Via NecoleBitchie)



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Natural Hair In A Corporate World..

As natural hair continues to increase in popularity and become more mainstream,

Corporate  America is gradually jumping on the bandwagon and becoming more

accommodating of the growing change.  The 21st century African-American woman is no

longer restricted to having ” bone-straight” hair, there are so many other styling options

and the corporate world is becoming more aware of that.

Check out my article on ” Natural Hair In Corporate America” (here). Do you feel like 

your natural hair has an impact on your progress in the work force?




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Why Am I So Tired? 10 Possible Causes of Fatigue

By WebMD Feature


Do you feel tired all the time? Lots of people do. It’s a sign of our overbooked times.

Getting your energy back could be simpler than you think. Start by seeing if you can relate to the top three reasons for feeling drained.

Top 3 Reasons

The most common reasons for feeling tired are about daily habits.

1. What you eat. Reaching for caffeine and sugar can backfire, leaving you more fatigued as your blood sugar levels fluctuate wildly. Instead, go for a balanced, healthy diet replete with fruits, vegetables, and lean protein. “Most people feel like they’re less tired if they eat a healthy diet,” says J. Fred Ralston Jr., MD, past president of the American College of Physicians. “Eating healthy also means you’ll carry less weight, and obesity is a big contributor to fatigue.

2. How much you sleep. You saw this one coming, right? Many people don’t get enough sleep. If you’re one of them, avoid caffeine and alcohol in the hours just before bedtime, turn off the TV before bed, and keep your bedroom quiet and restful.

3. How much you exercise. This is the biggie, Ralston says. His favorite prescription for plain old tiredness is regular, vigorous exercise. Finish at least three hours before bedtime, so you have time to wind down.

If you think that exercise would just make you more tired, there’s good news: Exercise breeds energy. Almost all the studies that have looked at this question have found the same thing: Sedentary people who start exercising feel much less fatigue than those who stay idle. It’s one of those surprising truths: move more and you’ll get more energy.

Ralston recommends getting 40 minutes of exercise at least four days a week, to get you going.

Do that, and a month from now, you should notice some improvement. Keep with it for three to six months more, and you should feel much better.

If you follow your exercise prescription for at least a month — and you’re also making enough time for sleep — and you’re still feeling lousy, look into other causes, Ralston advises.

Could It Be Something Else?

The most common reasons for feeling so tired all the time are those we’ve just discussed. Don’t start thinking that you’ve got a medical condition until you’ve tried those strategies and really given them a chance.

If you still feel exhausted, you’ll need to check with your health care provider to look into it. Chronic tiredness is linked to many different medical conditions, such as:


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You Want Your Hair To Grow, You Better Start Drinking That H2O!!


Via HairBoutique


I have a problem… and I feel like I can confide in you guys because I know I’m not the only

one battling with this issue.  Recently, it was brought to my attention by my friends that I’m

addicted to drinking juice. I know.. I know it sounds crazy but, I didn’t really realize that I was

until I tried to eliminate juice from my diet and add water; and I couldn’t see it through. Either

I “accidentally” drank it without realizing it, or I came up with some excuse of me being sick,

and needing Orange Juice to make me feel better.  Whatever it was, I always found a way of

getting out of drinking water and I definitely experienced the consequences.  By drinking so

much juice, I realized my skin began breaking out and my hair was becoming dry and brittle.

In an effort to change my regimen, I have increased my water intake and decreased my juice

intake, and I definitely see signs of improvement in my skin and hair.   Water has a huge

impact on the health of our hair and skin.  As women we need to make sure that we are

consuming the recommended amounts of water per day, so that we can lead healthy lives.

Have you experienced and improvement in your hair and skin with drinking water?




Water makes up approximately one fourth of the weight of a strand of hair and when hair has the proper amount of water, it will respond by being supple, and shiny.

Drink a minimum of 8 to 10 glasses (8 ounce serving) of water a day to get gleaming healthy tresses.

Dehydration Directly Impacts Hair Growth

The human body is generally composed of approximately 60-80% water.  When deprived of adequate water to sustain cell health and reproduction, the body becomes dehydrated, which directly impacts consistent and/or healthy hair growth.

You can be sucking down fistfuls of hair vitamins and related hair growth supplements, but if you’re not downing enough H2O to meet your body’s daily minimal needs, the cells which drive hair growth will not reproduce and your hair will become parched.  It’s natural growth cycle may slow down or even stop completely.

On a regular day, the average human body loses 2 to 3 quarts of water.  While water is lost through sweat, urine and other waste removal processes, it’s also lost in a number of other ways.  Human skin has a high concentration of water which is constantly evaporating in tiny air-borne droplets.

Women were advised to consume 2.2 liters or approximately 9 cups of total beverages a day.

Healthy Hair From The Inside Out

Like skin, hair needs lubrication from the inside out.  If your hair roots are deficient in adequate water levels your tresses will eventually become dry, brittle and may stop growing at your maximum genetic rate.

Even worse, hair which is deprived of proper daily water supplies may stop growing completely.

The roots of the hair are the means by which water is transported from the body.  Roots soak up what water they can and provide hydration to the rest of the hair.

Human hair is an appendage of the skin.  The actual hair we can see flowing from the roots consists of keratin, which is a protein in the skin.

All hair grows directly from the roots, which is situated deep in a layer of skin known as the dermis.  Hair roots may extend quite deeply into the skin.

Hair, which has its base inside the skin, contains cells which are nourished by water and blood from inside the body.  As a result, these nurtured cells divide and grow hair.

Benefits Of Water For Your Hair

Water is life.  It’s the natural regulator of all physiological functions.

How does water regulate all physical functions?  By controlling the following body functions:

  • Cellular Activity – Water is the key source of energy for every single cell of the body including the cells which drive hair growth and overall health.
  • Generating electrical and magnetic energy – Water provides the core power to sustain life through hydrolysis.
  • Activates all the nerve endings & sensors in scalp & skin – The scalp and roots of the hair have many photosensitive and energy-sensitive nerve endings which receive and transmit signals.  Water energizes the nerve endings so they are more responsive, thus enhancing the natural vitality of the skin and hair roots.
  • Flushes free radicals – Water acts as an antioxidant by flushing free radicals out through the kidneys.  This is the basic way the human brain cells eliminate excess hydrogen ions produced by hydrolysis and maintain an alkaline environment.
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10 tips for practicing yoga at home

By Ramdesh Kaur

Practicing yoga at home has never been easier.  If you are a beginner to yoga or relatively new and want to establish an at home yoga practice, it is important to do some groundwork before jumping into the fray.  To prevent injury and maximize the power of your yogic experience, careful preparation and modest investments can make learning yoga at home viable, efficient, and fun.

Here are ten tips to help you establish an at-home yoga practice.

1)  Create a space

Set aside a space dedicated to your yoga practice.  Make sure it is free from furniture that could create a hazard to you as you do various yoga asana.  Your yoga space should be clean and serene.  Decorate it with images and objects that create a peaceful and sacred feeling in your heart

2) Invest in tools of the trade

If you do not already have a yoga sticky mat, purchase one.  There are yoga mats for every budget and taste.  A mat cleaner will keep your mat smelling fresh after tough workouts.  Make sure you have two blocks and a strap for modifications and consider getting a yoga blanket.  Not only will they keep you warm when you relax in savasana but they can also be rolled up to help you modify poses.  You may need two bolsters for under your knees, and you will probably want at least one style of zafu or meditation cushion.

3) Carefully prevent injury

If your grandmother told you that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, she was right.  When you practice yoga at home, it is your job to make sure that you don’t injury yourself.  Keep your space clear  of obstacles like furniture and children’s toys, and if possible, do your yoga in a room with hardwood floors.  Soft surfaces can injury joints and thick carpet makes balancing difficult.  Lifeboard is a hard surface that you can put on top of carpeting to make a transportable yoga floor if necessary.

Christel Pierron (Seva Simran Kaur), an experienced teacher of Hatha Yoga, YogaDance, and Kundalini Yoga in Cape Cod, cautions, “Never force a posture. If you are going to tip over your edge, it is better to have a teacher who can watch you and help you go further.  At home, take it easy.  Don’t compete with your body. Love your body, nurture your body, and be present. Be present, warm up, fully get into the poses you know…that is how an at home practice should be.  More difficult poses should be in a class, where your teacher can make a safe environment for you.”

4) Choose your yoga style

There are so many styles of yoga to choose from that it can be a little daunting at first.  But rather than be overwhelmed, be excited!  There are so many forms to choose from that if you don’t like one, you have several others to test out.  Hatha yoga is the most common form of yoga, but there are several schools of Hatha yoga to choose from.  Pierron recommends that beginners try something like Iyengar yoga or Kripalu yoga to help them learn the mechanics of a pose.  If dynamic movement and deep meditation is your true love, Kundalini Yoga might be the perfect style for you. Shop around for teachers and styles that appeal to you, so that you know what will inspire you at home.

6 more tips here.

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5 Oils That Are Great For Hair *and* Skin


Via NaturallyCurly

If you have oily skin and then you have probably been conditioned to believe that oil (whether it came from your own pores or from outside sources) is the enemy. And if you think about it, oil in reference to skin is not the only oil that gets a bad rap. Only recently did we discover that there is such a thing as “good” oils for use in our diets as well. We now know that there are healthy oils and fats that we should eat (in moderation, of course) to help keep our bodies performing at their best. They supply essential fatty acids for brain and nerve function, cardiovascular health and beautiful skin. We can add these healthful oils into our diets by eating items like nuts, avocado, olive oil and coconut. Even with this dietary “aha moment,” many still balk at the notion of actually using oil in skin and hair care routines.

Furthermore, if you have ever shopped for natural oils then you know they can be very pricey, so when you do buy one it is useful to know that they have many uses and benefits that are well worth the investment. Here are five oils that serve double duty in your beauty regimen: they have just as many benefits for your hair as they do your skin.

1. Emu Oil

For skin
Emu oil is an all-natural oil obtained from the inedible parts of the emu. Emu oil has the ability to cause cellular regeneration in the skin, making it excellent for burns and scars and even the reduction of wrinkles and can improve skin elasticity.

For hair
Because it is hypoallergenic, antibacterial and rich in fatty acids, hair can also benefit from regular use of emu oil treatments. Emu oil can help hair appear livelier, healthier and be more resilient to environmental and hormonal stresses. It is also anti-fungal and antibacterial, so emu oil helps to break down buildup and residue at the scalp and roots, which can increase volume and manageability.

2. Argan Oil

For skin
Argan oil has been used by women in Morocco for generations to achieve more youthful, healthy skin. It improves dry skin, acne, psoriasis, eczema, wrinkles & premature aging. It doesn’t clog your pores and it regulates sebum production (a plus for blemished skin). It restores elasticity to skin and noticeably softens wrinkles and fine lines, reduces skin irritation and inflammation, and smoothes stretch marks.

For hair
You can also use argan oil as a hair treatment for deep conditioning or as a pre-styling product-it restores shine to hair and helps mend split ends. It’s packed with twice as much Vitamin E as other oils so it’s also amazing for your nails and cuticles.

3. Tamanu Oil

For skin
Tamanu oil is a nut-based oil with many known uses from reducing inflammation and irritation to helping with hair and skin regeneration, making it a great for acne, sunburns, and scarring.

For hair
Apply to thick, dry hair as a moisturizing treatment before or after shampooing.

4. Jamaican Black Castor Oil

For skin, diet & hair
Jamaican Black Castor Oil has a traditionally been known as an all-purpose healing oil. It can be used to treat dietary ailments as well as various skin disorders, though now it is most popularly used in hair care.
As an unrefined form of castor oil, Jamaican Black Castor Oil is very rich in nutritive properties. Jamaican Black Castor Oil is processed differently from usual versions of castor oil- it is made by manually roasting and then grinding the castor beans. Then the beans are heated up and the oil extracted from the crushed beans. It’s the unique roasting process that gives Jamaican Black Castor Oil its distinct dark color.

5. Coconut Oil

For skin
Coconut oil provides deep and real moisture to the skin and hair in a way that far surpasses any commercial/manufactured moisturizer. Apply a bit to your face just as you would a normal moisturizer to strengthen your skin and remove dead skin cells on your skins surface. And since a little bit goes a long way, it’s a budget friendly replacement for your body lotion as well. It will leave your skin soft and glowing.

For hair
Use it in your hair to detangle, deep condition, or on dry ends to hydrate and tame frizz.

Curlies, which oils are your favorites, and how do you use them?