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DIY: Lemon Coconut Shampoo… What a Treat!




I put the lemon in the coconut and mix it all up!

I was on, when I came across this delicious recipe that I just had to share with my Curls. This shampoo is easy to make, free of parabens, sulfates and it is infused with essential oils.

Check out the recipe below:


Organic shampoo base (most health food stores and Amazon sell it)
Organic coconut oil
Lemon essential oil


-Measure out your shampoo base. For an 8 oz container use about 1 cup.
-Add 1 tablespoon of organic coconut oil.
-Stir in the coconut oil slowly until your base turns to an opaque stale-like color.
-Add about 20 drops of the lemon essential oil (use more or less depending on how strong you’d like it to be).

To read more of the steps, click HERE 

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5 Hair Care Mistakes Most Naturals Make



Reblog from: DIYHairCareBlog

I’m just going to lay it out for you all, a lot of the information in the natural hair community

can be questionable and have you walking in circles with your hair. Often when you’re newly

natural, it can be hard to know what is meat and what is bones. Here are 5 hair care mistakes

you don’t want to make.

1. Joining Bandwagons– What’s a bandwagon? It’s going out and trying techniques and new hair tools just because others are doing it. Every month there is a new bandwagon; co-washing, no-poo, baggying, Tangle Teezer, and others are all bandwagons. While these techniques can be beneficial; if what you’re doing isn’t broken don’t try to fix it. Try only following techniques that solve a problem you currently have with your hair.

2.Hair Typing– Yes, it’s nice to feel like you’re a part of a group but honestly, hair typing is purely aesthetic. Yes your curls can look like someone elses but, it takes more than knowing your hair type to really figure out what your hair likes and doesn’t like. You can learn a lot from people who don’t have the same hair type as you do.

3. Throwing Away Products That Work– Don’t go and throwaway that “tried and true” leave-in just because, you’ve now learned about mineral oil. Trust me, when you’re having a bad hair day, you’re going to be looking for that tried and true product. Again, if it isn’t broken don’t fix it.

4. Black People, Black Hair, Black Products– Please, kick this notion to the curb. You may have more in common hairwise with someone who is not the same color as you and actually learn some great tips from other curlies. Lots of natural hair ladies use Dove, Suave, Loreal, Aussie Moist, Garnier Fructis, with much success and these aren’t marketed for “black hair”. Just find products that solve the problems you’re facing with your hair.

5. Natural Is Easy As 1-2-3– No, natural hair doesn’t have to be difficult but, we all have our days. Don’t go natural thinking that you won’t have any bad hair days or even months! Natural hair has it’s learning curves.

By keeping the 5 tips above in mind while on your journey it will save you a lot of frustration, there’s is nothing like experiencing excessive breakage or slit ends and having no idea where they came from and how to stop them. If you keep your regimen consistent, you will get consistent results.



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Our Top 5 Favorite Summer Protective Styles!

Summer is the perfect time of the year to give your hair a break and experiment with some protective styles that will give you a hot new look, while you flourish in this beautiful weather.

We have chosen our top five favorite protective styles that you just have to try this upcoming season!

What are your favorite protective styles? (Comment Below)

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Spring Fashion Must-Haves! (The Seasons Hottest Accessories Inside)

Kick this season and the next season off with a bang!

Be a step above the rest, and check out the seasons hottest selections of sandals and handbags from our hot new spring issue!

Gladiator’s and double/triple strapped sandals are in and turning heads.

Click here to check out the spring’s hottest accessories


Photo Creds:

Featured Image: Michael Kors 2015 Ad

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Healthy Hair From the Inside Out: Learn What Foods Promote Healthy Hair


Do you think that just because your hair looks nice and shiny on the outside that it is healthy? Well, think again! It’s not just about washing/co-washing, deep-conditioning, moisturizing, etc.  There is more to healthy hair, than what meets the eye.  I am pretty sure, that you have heard the phrase, “You’re what you eat.” Not only does this phrase relate to your physical appearance, but it also applies to achieving healthy hair.

Read more below from our past spring issue. 

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DIY at Home Steam Treatments to Promote Healthy Hair


Steam treatments are an essential component to having healthy tresses. They are beneficial for hydrating your hair, and also circulating blood flow that promotes hair growth.  By using essential oils, the heat from the steam is able to lift your cuticles, and deeply penetrate your scalp providing for elevated moisture retention, an increase in softness of your hair, and improvements in elasticity.

It would be great to steam treat your hair at least once a week, but with climbing prices at your local hair salon, and a lack of time, it may be hard for you to maintain. Well, that is until now!

At home steam treatments are just as effective as getting it done at the salon. In my opinion, it may even be better than getting it done at the salon because it is quick, easy and very cost efficient. Oh, and did I mention you can do it in the privacy of your own?!

For a natural that is on the go, this is the perfect option because you can cook, send off your emails from work, and catch the latest episode of “Scandal,” all the while you are deep conditioning your hair.

Check out the instructions, and our suggested essential oils below:

1. Grab a plastic grocery bag, or a steam cap(can be purchased at Sally’s)

2. Soak your towel in water (Preferably medium in length, so that it will fit under the cap)

3. Place towel in microwave until the temperature of the towel is to your liking (do not exceed 2 min.)

4. Ring out the towel, and wrap it around your head.

5. Secure the towel with a clip, and then tie the grocery bag, place plastic cap, or steam cap on your head.

6. Leave the cap on your head for 30 minutes minimum, or until you reach desired results.

How to Prepare Your Hair:

1. Detangle and separate your hair into four sections, securing it with clips

2. You can apply your favorite conditioner to each section, and also include essential oils in order to enhance your results.

3. Make sure to apply the products from root to tips, and then follow the steps above.


Suggested Essential Oils:

1. Lavender Oil

2. Rosemary Oil

3.Lemon Oil

4. Cedarwood Oil

5. Thyme Oil

6.Jojoba Oil

7.Clary Sage Oil

8. Geranium Oil

Have you ever tried an at home steam treatment? What was your experience like? (Comment Below)

Also check out our recent article on how to promote hair growth.


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The Perfect Shade: Picking the Perfect Hair Color

Want to switch up your do, with a color that fits you?

Say no more! Choosing a hair color that fits you can be kind of tricky, but we’re here to help!

At times we all get tired of wearing our natural hair color, and we may want to be spontaneous and try something different.

You may not know it, but it’s very important to choose a color for your hair that compliments your overall appearance.

When you want to switch things up for your physical appearance, you have to make sure that it compliments other aspects of your body as well.

Learn how to choose the perfect hair color below:


Featured Image: From Pinterest

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The Natura Magazine Spring Issue Is Here!!! (INSIDE)



The “A Better You” spring issue of Natura Magazine is finally here! The latest issue is covered by none other than natural hair icon and Grammy award-winning R&B and soul singer-songwriter, Chrisette Michele.

This issue is packed with the hottest spring fashion trends, and hot stories in natural hair, beauty,fashion, entertainment, mind, body & soul and fitness.

In addition to a piece about the perks of being natural, highlighted stories from this issue include: “The Perfect Shade,” containing hair tips on choosing the right hair color that best suits you, and “The Natural Look” featuring beauty tips on how to select makeup that you can wear at work and out with friends.

Are you interested in learning quick and easy workouts that you can do while you are on the go? then check out our story, “Weight Loss on the Daily!”

We hope that you enjoy! Please Share 🙂

Check it out below, and let us know your thoughts.


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The Versatility Of Styling Natural Hair (Video)

The Versatility Of Styling Natural Hair is a video that represents women who are choosing to embrace their Natural Hair!
Created by Natura Magazine featuring educator and natural hair salon owner Lisa Fuller Of

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Standing Without Support Beams: Going Natural Alone



Are you thinking about going natural, but you’re afraid because everyone around you is against it?  Do your parents, friends, or even your spouse think that you are out of your mind, and every time you bring up the topic you get shut down.  Well, don’t feel discouraged.  Making the decision to go natural is a choice that you have to make– for you!! Don’t worry about the opinions of others.  In our latest issue, we explored this topic and came up with some great tips on how you can manage the transition process on your own.

Check it out HERE