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Spring Fashion Must-Haves! (The Seasons Hottest Accessories Inside)

Kick this season and the next season off with a bang!

Be a step above the rest, and check out the seasons hottest selections of sandals and handbags from our hot new spring issue!

Gladiator’s and double/triple strapped sandals are in and turning heads.

Click here to check out the spring’s hottest accessories


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Featured Image: Michael Kors 2015 Ad

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Designer Look for Less: Céline Boston Bag for as low as $32

The infamous Céline bags are undeniably the biggest fall handbag trend this fall. When something is super trendy and in high demand what happens next? We get a HUGE variety of Céline inspired bags. Not knock-offs but bags that have the same look (in this case the extended triangular sides), but for wayyy less. So take a look would you rather the Céline inspired bag or the real thing

Real Thing:


Inspired look for Less:


Mendola,; $44.98


Studded Trim Handbag,; $32.00


Auntie Emerald Bag,; $64.99


ASOS Bow Smart Bag,; $47.49



Gramercy Large Leather Tote,; $199.00

number- 5

Cooperative East/West Tote Bag,; $59.00