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Running tips for beginners

I love running, but sometimes it sucks. I once took a few months off my normal running routine, and when I picked it back up again I was left wondering how the hell I ever made it more than two miles. Although it’s my preferred workout method, I know it can be a tough routine to stick with and improve upon. So, here are a few tips if you’re new to running or looking to increase your mileage.

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For Beginners:

Start slow if you’re brand new to running. Use a walk/run approach where you alternate running and walking for a few minutes. How many minutes you start off jogging will depend on your personal fitness, but gradually increase the amount you’re jogging each week. Start with ten to 20 minutes of alternating between walking and running. And work up to 30 minutes of continuous jogging three times a week.

How to Run Longer Distances:

Run the distance you normally run three times a week, and twice a week add one more mile to your run. So if you normally run 3 miles, do a 4-mile run twice that week. The following week, run 4 miles three days a week and add in two 5-mile runs. This is the method I use to build my mileage, but it may differ person to person. You could spend two weeks, maybe even three, building up to an extra mile. Just find what works the best for your body and schedule.

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Additional Tips:

1.) Eat right – high protein foods are beneficial for longer runs

2.) Stretch and strengthen your core, as this will improve running technique

3.) Having the right shoes is REALLY important. Make sure you have a good, supportive pair of running shoes

4.) A 10- or 15-minute run is better than no exercise at all. So if you’re short on time one day, still run a mile!

5.) Finding a running buddy is a good way to make sure you stick to your routine and stay motivated

What are some things that you do to increase your mileage?

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The Natura Magazine Spring Issue Is Here!!! (INSIDE)



The “A Better You” spring issue of Natura Magazine is finally here! The latest issue is covered by none other than natural hair icon and Grammy award-winning R&B and soul singer-songwriter, Chrisette Michele.

This issue is packed with the hottest spring fashion trends, and hot stories in natural hair, beauty,fashion, entertainment, mind, body & soul and fitness.

In addition to a piece about the perks of being natural, highlighted stories from this issue include: “The Perfect Shade,” containing hair tips on choosing the right hair color that best suits you, and “The Natural Look” featuring beauty tips on how to select makeup that you can wear at work and out with friends.

Are you interested in learning quick and easy workouts that you can do while you are on the go? then check out our story, “Weight Loss on the Daily!”

We hope that you enjoy! Please Share 🙂

Check it out below, and let us know your thoughts.


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Starbucks to serve smoothies and kale

Watch out world. Starbucks announced that it will start selling smoothies this year.

After abandoning the first phase of its Race Together campaign, Starbucks is now edging its way into the health food market with the introduction of smoothies.

According to Huffington Post, Starbucks struck a deal with Dannon and Evolution Fresh to create a line of smoothies that come in Strawberry, Mango Carrot, and Sweet Green flavors.

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The smoothies will be made from fruit, vegetable juices, Greek-nonfat yogurt, nutmeg, and ice. There were be no added color or preservatives and customers will have the option to add fresh kale and protein powder to their drink. The smoothies are estimated to cost $5.95.

It may be a while before the smoothies are offered nationwide though. According to Reuters, they will only be offered at shops in Washington, Oregon, Northern California, Alaska, and Idaho.

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Starbucks also announced in a press release that it will serve two new wraps starting March 31. The Thai-Style Chicken Peanut Wrap and The Edamame Hummus Wrap will both be under 500 calories, stated the press release.

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Bodacious Booty: Workout of the Week


New year, new booty. It’s time to get a jump-start on that warm-weather bod with this quick butt-sculpting workout. Do this routine a few times a week, maybe throw in some squats, and you’ll have your best butt in time for bikini season.

 Bodacious Booty Workout:

10 Jumping Squats

20 Donkey Kicks

20 Skaters

50-Second Wall Sit

Repeat circuit 3 times.


Jumping Squats

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Start in a squat position. Jump up and, when landing, squat down again. Maintain consistency during this move, without any pauses between reps, or in the middle of the exercise. Repeat 10 times.

Donkey Kicks

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Start on all fours in a table-top position, with your hands directly under shoulders. Raise one leg, keeping it bent with the foot flexed, and raise foot towards ceiling while squeezing glutes. Alternate legs, doing 10 reps on each side.


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Start standing. Hop to one side, using your left leg for balance while you glide your right leg behind the left and squat down. Alternate, hopping your right foot to the other side while gliding your left leg back. Here’s a video of the move. Do 10 on each side, 20 total.

Wall Sit

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Put your back to a wall and slide down until your knees are bent at a 90 degree angle, like you’re sitting in a chair. Hold for 50 seconds.

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Black Girls Workout Too! Snatch It Back



Hey Curlies!

The ladies of  Black Girls Workout Too are back with another hott, fun, and sexy workout video that will have your body “snatched”!! for the summer months.

read more

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Black Girls Workout Too!!!! ( At Home Exercise Video)


Hey Naturalistas!

I came across this dynamic mother- daughter duo on Instagram, and I just had to share  with you!!!!!

Black Girls Workout Too, is the first fitness video and campaign designed specifically for African- American women.  Created by Ellen and Lana Ector, BGWT strives to empower and inspire black women through fitness.

read more

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The Power Of Dance

Dancing is a great activity for all ages and fitness levels that has universal appeal and makes working out fun. Most importantly, dance workouts are effective. Throughout the workout your body is in constant motion, getting your heart rate up and burning more calories. DailyBurn’s dance workouts also introduce you to a number of different dance styles including Bollywood, Latin, 90s Hip-Hop and Club. You’ll have so much fun you won’t even notice you’re working out. And remember– if you can move, you can dance.

learn more here.

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Bangin’ Brazilian Butt Workouts !!



Ok Ladies, I know I’m not the only one that wasn’t particularly blessed with a ” Coke-Bottled shape”, a mean backside, or what Miss Phaedra would refer to as a ” Donkey Booty”.  It seems like the media is capitalizing on the curves of some of our most famous celebrities, and we’re left wondering whats the trick?… Butt injections are the new craze in the celebrity inner circle, but they are very dangerous and very costly.. and quite frankly aint nobody got time to have no foreign substance injected in my cheeks lol!!  So I’ve been researching different exercises to enhance the firmness and shape of my butt, and the most popular is the Brazilian Butt Workout.  The workout is composed of  11 different techniques to whip your butt in shape, and accentuate your curves.





Im going to do a 3 week challenge 3x a week to see if I see any results.. and I want you guys to join me!!! Comment and let me know how it works for you. If you would like to send  in a pic of your before and after results  you can ( I only post appropriate pictures though :)) .. I will do a follow up post at the end of the challenge.


1. 20 Squats

2. 20 Grande Plie Squats

3. 20 Donkey Kicks per side

4. 20 Fire Hydrants per side

5. 20 Circling Donkey Kick(made this name up) per side

6. 20 Frog Jumps

7. 20 Side Lunges per side

8. 30 Alternating Split Jumps

9. 30 Alternating Sliders

10. 30 Hips Lifts

11.  20 Lunges Kicks per side

If you need to see demonstrations of how to do each exercise view here



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5 Tips for Exercising with Natural Hair

1. Commit to a wash day and time

Most successful people share a common element: discipline. My mother always says there is power in writing. Instead of keeping a mental note to workout, actually take time to create a written schedule and commit to when you will exercise and show your hair some TLC. When I try to compile everything in my head, I find myself wasting time between class and work. That two hour conversation about all the fine boys you saw on campus could have been allocated to kickboxing and studying. If your workout is determined by when you wash your hair, or vice versa, it’s probably time to invest in a planner and evaluate where your hours and minutes are going.
2. Try group fitness

Many college campuses offer group fitness classes. These are my best friends. If you don’t feel encouraged to work out, take a group fitness class like Zumba. You can lose 300-800 calories an hour depending on the intensity. If your friends don’t want to tag along, just go alone. This is also a great opportunity to meet new people. I went and found three fellow naturals in my class.
3. Rock a satin scarf and baseball cap

I know you do not want to flaunt the bedtime look outside your dorm, but would you rather be cute in the gym or outside the gym? By wearing a satin scarf, you prevent your body heat from activating your curls and causing frizz. If wearing a scarf in public is not an option, you could wear a hat to cover the scarf. If you are concerned about hygiene, by a scarf designated for working out.

4. Release braids or twists after showering

Going to the gym with a flat-twist out, braid out or anything “out” is not the greatest idea if you expect your hair to sustain the fresh look from when you took it down. Releasing your braids or twists after burning calories helps to maintain your style. The combination of wearing your hair loose and sweating causes your hair to revert or shrink. I understand you may not want everyone to see how you go to sleep at night, but if you want to maintain a style and sustain good health, you have to prioritize.
5. Condition length and shampoo roots

I learned this method from a few YouTube vloggers. If you’re afraid of your hair drying out from the cleansing process, but don’t feel that the co-wash methods releases the dirt and sweat, do both! When you wash your hair, first coat the length of in a conditioner and shampoo the roots only. After you rinse, some of the shampoo will rinse down the length of your strands without stripping.

Check out more helpful tips here

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My yoga teacher, who is much younger and much wiser than I, posted this today:

My tomorrow is a reflection of what I do today.

I seriously needed to read that. It’s an affirmation. Affirmations are reminders to ourselves that what we can accomplish our goals, that we can invite what we want into our lives. Do you want to be healthy? Avoid drama? Make new friends? Affirmations remind you to take steps daily toward these, or toward whatever it is you want.

I have been feeling, lately, that I’ve lost sight of some of the goals I had set for myself. I’ve been feeling – well, off. Part of that is because I’m falling into my own trap of self-doubt, pity, and of a huge fear of failure. Guess what? The more I feel like a pitiful failure, the more I affirm this.

So, here are a few of my goals: To be a more dedicated writer, a dedicated yogi, a happy person, a loyal friend – among other things. All this week, I’ve been up at 5:15 and on the yoga mat by 5:30, the first time in a long while. I’m up at 11 on a Saturday, making a blog post – when I could be asleep or sitting at a club, listening to jazz. But I’m happy. And tomorrow I will continue: Will get up, hit the mat, write a story, go to a photo shoot, and write yet another story.

What are your goals, and what are you doing today to reach them?

Dartinia Hull