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Bill “Radio Raheem” Nunn dies at 62


Celebrities and fans are mourning after news broke that famed actor Bill Nunn passed away yesterday in his home state of Pennsylvania.  Many of you probably know him as “Radio Raheem,” from the hit movie Do the Right Thing, but his career stretched out to other box-office hits such as: School Daze, New Jack City, He Got Game, Spider-Man 2, and many more.

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An Original Poem By Lemon Andersen …And than there was Radio Raheem, Flat top, tight fade, Built like an '89 NY Giant, The Majestic Brother you could hear two blocks away in any direction pumping Public Enemy from the horns of his Ghetto Blaster, the Conscience brother who wanted nothing but to be alone and live in the loud solace of his Radio… A Young, Black, Beautiful Man who died in the hands of Blue Fear and White Fury. People walked across the street when Radio Raheem came down the Block, the Starch in his frame scared them away from the Gap in his smile. The four fingered rings were seen like Brass knuckles when if you stopped him like Mookie did as the sun set On that Hot summer day in BK, Brooklyn You would see Raheems hands like his mind were worth its weight in Gold.

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Rest in Power Bill! Your work here on earth is done, and its time for you to conquer the next phase of life.

What was your favorite Bill Nunn movie?

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Chrisette Michele Interview Recap

Chrisette Michele is such an amazing artist, I’ve had the pleasure of seeing her perform live and needless to say she blew me away. Lets be honest, most artists now a days sound completely different live than they do on their albums, but not Chrisette, shes one of the few artist that puts on an awesome live show! With that being said, a few weeks ago I was given a press pass to attend the Pose ‘N Post Symposium presented by Chrisette Michele & Rich Hipster, in my hometown of Richmond, VA. Of course I was super excited and ready to go, but unfortunately due to the venue flooding the event was cancelled. Well, a few days ago I got an email from her PR people letting me know that I would have an opportunity to interview Chrisette via telephone. I was already a fan, but being that this woman actually took time out of her busy day to call me and allow me to interview her, really says a lot! She is truly an amazing human being, super down to earth, and a woman of her word. So, check out my interview recap below with the lovely Chrisette Michele!


What Inspired you to start the Pose ‘N Post Symposium?

Chrisette explained that the the Pose ‘N Post Symposium was started because she was so inspired by the platforms and businesses created by some of her favorite YouTube vloggers, bloggers, and social media mavens. She went on to stress the importance of social media in today’s world and how it can really help individuals create a business for themselves by doing what they love.

What is the mission of the Pose ‘N Post Symposium, what will attendees take away after attending?

Chrisette stated that her mission is to “create an environment where like minded individuals can celebrate each other”. Attendees will be able to share tips, and success stories about their journey’s with one another, all while gaining some great insight into branding and building their social media presence.

Will you be adding anymore dates, what future plans do you have for the Pose’N Post Symposium?

Due to the overwhelming response she’s had to all of the show dates, a 2nd leg of the tour will be added with additional dates and locations, so make sure to check out for more details on upcoming dates. All the dates on the current leg of the tour have been sold-out; Chrisette is really excited with the response she has gotten thus far from vloggers and bloggers!

How did the Rich Hipster label come about, and what can we expect to see from Rich Hipster in the future? 

The Rich Hipster label was inspired by everyday people, ( thats typically where she finds most of her inspiration) through meeting and conversing with people on a daily basis. Chrisette Michele went on to explain that Rich Hipster is “more than a label, but a lifestyle”. We can expect lots of dope things from the Rich Hipster brand in the future including new artist like her brother Lem Payne, the label will also be hosting lots of charity events, summer BBQ’s, music showcases, etc.

Are you currently working on new music, if so what can we expect from this album?

A new album is in the works, so fans get ready! Chrisette stated that while she has no name yet for this new album, “it is highly inspired from old soul- singers” and you’ll definitely be able to hear that influence throughout the record!

Where do you find inspiration when writing new material, and where do you like to record?

Chrisette finds inspiration in everything from friends & family, to nature, and the world we live in. She loves to record new material with just herself, a piano, and without the use of studio engineering.

It was such a pleasure speaking with the beautiful Chrisette Michele, ladies be on the look out for the Pose ‘N Post Symposium, it could be making its way to your city next!



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Natural Hair Icon: Solange Knowles

Solange Knowles has made a name for herself in the natural hair community with her unique look, and her classic natural hairstyles. She has been an inspiration for many of us with her sultry poetic justice braids, her larger than life Afro’s, and her eccentric fashion sense that lights up any red carpet or photo-op.  Solange is a natural hair icon because she exudes confidence, and she defines beauty on her own terms.

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Check out some pics below of our favorite Solange looks!

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Celebrity Style Spotlight Miss Tracee Ellis Ross (of course!)

Tracee Ellis Ross who we all know as Joan from the sitcom “Girlfriends” has amazing style. Who would’ve known?! Well it’s only right when your mother is Diana Ross right? Her blog is full of greatness showcasing her style, hair, and beauty tips etc.


While we are on the style kick (you know with me asking your help in choosing my BGR looks and all) I thought I might share some behind the scenes goods from a recent, impromptu photo shoot.  For no other reason than for the fun I had with the beautiful, and insanely talented photographer Simin Erbel. Oh, how I love having my picture taken (which I am sure you have noticed by now). Well, this shoot was way cooler than the “selfie” shoots  I do myself, and I just adore the resulting pictures.  I mean my goodness, Simin you’re amazing.