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Celebrity Style Watch: Ashanti, Rihanna, and more!

We haven’t seen much of Ashanti in the recent years, but she showed in and looked amazing in this black and gray fit-and-flare dress by  Valery Kovalska. Don’t you agree?


Rihanna always knows how to rock high end fashion, and low end fashion with these $12 grey & black joggers.


Mrs. Obama looked great in this silver & white J Mendel dress at TNT’s Christmas in Washington this past weekend.

Michelle Obama

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Beyonce’ Releases Visual To “Drunk In Love” ft. Jay Z!



“I’ve been drinking, I’ve been drinking. I get filthy when that liquor get into me.”

Last week, Queen Bey shocked the world with the release of her self-entitled album “Beyonce” with exclusive must-see videos.  Not only did she break iTunes’ record of downloads, by selling 617,000 copies in just three days, but she did it without any prior promotion.

That woman is a genius!


In the video “Drunk In Love”, Beyonce turns up the sexy to an all time high level.  She gives viewers that fierceness, while also showing that she has a little thug in her.  The video is a classic visual produced by Hype Williams on the beach, and although there isn’t any structured choreography, she gives sensual passion in all of her moves.

If you thought “Crazy In Love” was IT!! You haven’t seen anything yet! The chemistry between Jay and Bey in this video is insane, and that combined with the lyrics just makes you want to be “Drunk In Love”.

But I don’t want to give away too much ! Check the video and let me know what you think.



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Beyoncé’s hottest fashion moments from her new album!

Via Entertainment Weekly

Considering that she debuted the first single in an ad campaign for H&M, it’s no surprise that the 17 videos released along with Beyoncé’s new self-titled “visual album” are chock-full of fashion.


In the midst of a beauty queen breakdown in “Pretty Hurts,” B submerges herself in water wearing a blue beaded V-neck Georges Chakra gown.


Beyoncé dons a sexy, strappy one-piece from Herve Leger in the video for “Yoncé,” but something tells me this bathing suit wouldn’t survive a drenching as well as the Georges Chakra gown did.


Though you can’t see it here, I have been assured that B’s glow-in-the-dark manicure in “Blow” comes courtesy of Ciate Nail Polish. (No word yet on where the day-glo orange lipstick came from.) Watch the 30 second preview and you will catch a glimpse of the singer’s booty in a pair of vintage DKNY tights.


B breaks out the spikes in the video for “Jealous,” layering on a studded plate cuff, safety chain, and gemstone gold bracelet from Eddie Borgo jewelry.


Is it just me, or does B having a Madonna moment in the video for “Haunted?” With her finger waves and that black-and-white silk jumpsuit by Russian designer Ulyana Sergeenko, she looks like she could start Vogue-ing at any moment.

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Beyoncé drops new secret album at midnight. Have you heard it yet?

Via  NPR

Beyonce has released her new album in an unconventional way: She announced and dropped it on the same day.

The singer released “Beyonce” exclusively on iTunes early Friday. She mirrors how Jay Z released “Magna Carta Holy Grail” earlier this year — through a deal with Samsung where he gave the album to 1 million users of Galaxy mobile phones days before its official release.

Beyonce’s fifth effort features 14 songs and 17 videos. Jay Z, Drake and Frank Ocean make guest appearances on the album, while the closing track, “Blue,” features her daughter Blue Ivy. Justin Timberlake co-wrote the songs “Rocket” and “Partition,” and Pharrell, Timbaland, Ryan Tedder, Miguel and Sia also co-wrote tracks.


“I didn’t want to release my music the way I’ve done it,” she said in a statement. “I am bored with that. I feel like I am able to speak directly to my fans. There’s so much that gets between the music, the artist and the fans. I felt like I didn’t want anybody to give the message when my record is coming out. I just want this to come out when it’s ready and from me to my fans.”

Beyonce’s last album was “4,” released in 2011. It reached platinum success. “Beyonce” will be available in stores “in time for the holidays,” her representative said.

Available now on iTunesPicture2

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Beyonce Chops It All Off !!! Check Out Her Hot New Hairstyle Here !!!!


She’s  A GROWWWWWWWWWN Woman!!!!

Yesterday Beyonce revealed a series of photos on Instagram revealing her hot new hair cut! We all know that Bey doesn’t really change up her hairstyle too much, so she sent us all into a shock last night when she released these photos. Hmm I wonder if celebrity hairstylist Kim Kimble was behind this masterpiece?!?  Whether the style is temporary or permanent I love the short style on Bey!!! It shows her growth and the current stage that she’s at in her life right now.   She’s a GROWWWWWWWWWN Woman now, and she’s doing things her way  !

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Jay Z + Beyonce Show Their Support At The “Justice For Trayvon” Rally !!!

Our favorite power couple, Jay Z and Beyonce came out today to show their love and support for Trayvon Martin.  Rev. Al Sharpton and leaders of the community organized a peaceful rally in the city of New York to support Trayvon, and also protest against the “Stand Your Ground” law, which was the precedent for Zimmerman’s not guilty verdict.

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Drake’s new single “Girls Love Beyonce”

By Brande Victorian

Because we don’t hear about Beyonce  enough, Drake has given us this precious new gift by way of a song with the  singer’s moniker in the title that has absolutely nothing to do with her.  Confused? So are we. The most emo rapper around — arguably — has just dropped a  new random track called “Girls Love Beyonce” and it’s clear he’s back on that LL  Cool J “I Need Love” tip.

Here are the opening lyrics:

I know girls love Beyonce, girls love to f**k with your conscious

Girls hate when ni**as go missing and shorty you ain’t no different

These days it’s hard to meet women,  I feel like my love life is finished. I’ve been avoiding commitment, that’s why  I’m in this position. I’m scared to let somebody in on this, no new friends, no  no no no.

You know how this s**t goes. You got all these admirers that call your phone.  You try to act like it’s just me but I am not alone. But if you’re alone, say my  name say my name if no one is around you, say baby I love you…

I mean, he’d be better off naming the song “Destiny’s Child” since he sampled  the whole chorus from their 1999 song. Oh and of course,  you know he’s rap-singing those lines, although he brought along  singer James Fauntleroy to help with the hook.

Overall, it’s a decent, typically emotional “I need a girl” Drake track that  I’m sure will get plenty of play from the ladies — despite the odd name.

Check out the song below and tell us what you think. Would you pass or  play


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Beyonce-Bow Down I Been On Video

Beyonce is very serious about this new song check out the video…Feedback please!