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Allure Magazine Afro Controversy: Cultural Appropriation or Admiration ?


The August issue of Allure Magazine has been the talk of the town since it release, due to a very controversial article on how Caucasian women can achieve an afro on their naturally straight hair.  Titled: You (Yes,You) Can Have An Afro *even if you have straight hair* , pictures a white woman with obviously manipulated, textured hair, demonstrating what they believe an afro looks like. The article even goes into detail on how this demographic can achieve the “look.”


This article created outrage among African-American women because for one, they didn’t use a black woman to represent this so-called trend, two they didn’t bother to give readers the history of the Afro, and how important it is to black culture, and three many perceived the article as just plain ole’ cultural appropriation. Oh, and need I not forget that the style isn’t even an Afro, its a Twist-Out!!!!

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After all of the backlash on the article, here is what Allure had to say:

The Afro has a rich cultural and aesthetic history. In this story, we show women using different hairstyles as…individual expressions of style. Using beauty and hair as a form of self-expression is a mirror of what’s happening in our country today. The creativity is limitless — and pretty wonderful.”

Okay, I get that, but they still didn’t touch on the fact that the history extends from the African-American culture.

Personally, I’m not upset that they chose to shed a light on the Afro as a trendy hairstyle, but I do believe that if they wanted to be most authentic and not offensive, then they should have used a model that was more appropriate.  I’m not against other races experimenting or rocking hairstyles that are most known to my culture, but I do have a problem when people don’t give credit to the source.

But, hey that’s just my two cents! What are your thoughts?!?



Images: Twitter/ E News/ Allure

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MirrorPick: The Next Level AfroPick!


Afro-picks are a major part of black hair-care history.  Gaining their fame in the 1970s, soul sistas and brothas used the picks to match the groovy style of the era, maintain their perfectly round afro’s and as a symbol to represent the black power movement.

Although hairstyles have changed over the years from fro’s, to braids, to weaves, and press-and-curls, the Afro-pick has continued to evolve and make its way into every era.


I recently came across a company by the name of “MirrorPick” that has managed to take our favorite hair-care tool, and take it to the next level!

 The MirrorPick is a unique, patented product combining a hair pick and handheld mirror in one and comes in seven colors: black, yellow, blue, green, purple, teal and red. We’re actually new to the hair product industry, but we noticed that several friends of ours — both girls and guys — were using separate products to comb their hair and then look at themselves (e.g., guys using a pick and then their phones as a mirror and girls using a compact mirror along with the comb), and so we figured why not just design both functions into one product! We debuted the MirrorPick at the Taliah Waajid hair show in Atlanta last month, and we’ve been extremely grateful for all the positive feedback on the product both down there and in the wake of the event.


What are your thoughts on the MirrorPick? Is this a product that you need to add to your hair-care collection?




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5 ways Lupita Nyong’o is changing the face of beauty

_h338_w600_m6_ofalse_lfalsePhoto: Getty / Jason LaVeris ©Popsugar

Over the last decade, natural hair has been on the upswing in the Black community. Everyone is talking about how gorgeous Afro hair can be, but Lupita is bringing love to the ladies with the TWA (teeny-weeny Afro). I mean, how many ways can she style two inches of hair? There’s been the Elvis pompadour, the Minnie Mouse puff, the cat ears, and the widow’s peak. Apparently, the options are endless with an amazing hairstyling team.

Whereas women with short-cropped hair might have felt limited in the past, her numerous styles only prove what I already knew: there’s nothing more versatile than natural hair. You can wear it straight, curly, or picked out. It’s the epitome of self expression.