Starbucks to serve smoothies and kale

Starbucks to serve smoothies and kale

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Watch out world. Starbucks announced that it will start selling smoothies this year.

After abandoning the first phase of its Race Together campaign, Starbucks is now edging its way into the health food market with the introduction of smoothies.

According to Huffington Post, Starbucks struck a deal with Dannon and Evolution Fresh to create a line of smoothies that come in Strawberry, Mango Carrot, and Sweet Green flavors.

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The smoothies will be made from fruit, vegetable juices, Greek-nonfat yogurt, nutmeg, and ice. There were be no added color or preservatives and customers will have the option to add fresh kale and protein powder to their drink. The smoothies are estimated to cost $5.95.

It may be a while before the smoothies are offered nationwide though. According to Reuters, they will only be offered at shops in Washington, Oregon, Northern California, Alaska, and Idaho.

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Starbucks also announced in a press release that it will serve two new wraps starting March 31. The Thai-Style Chicken Peanut Wrap and The Edamame Hummus Wrap will both be under 500 calories, stated the press release.

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