Millennial Spotlight : Moice Morancy

Millennial Spotlight : Moice Morancy

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After scrolling on my personal Facebook page; I came across this video of a young New York resident, Moice Morancy.

He was riding the transit and witnessed an older man attempting to sexually assault a young girl.

In a crowded bus, he noticed many patrons turning the other cheek and not defending this young girl; If not for her own honor, for the sake of knowing in their heart it was wrong. Moice spoke up and confronted the man thats why I select Mr. Morancy for this weeks Spotlight Top Video. His courage and ferocity in the transit clip evokes a feeling of duty to his community and compassion.

Not to mention the music video response he made “No means no”.  Sexual assault is a crime against our own humanity and when we turn a blind eye to its existence, it says more about us as citizens than it does about the victim or the perp.

Take a moment to check out and subscribe to his YouTube channel NEGUS NATION or follow him on instagram @moicemorancy . Moice’s action forces us to decide who we would be in that same situation.

What would you do if you witnessed a sexual assault take place?

Would you defend the victim or pretend it didn’t happen?

“I always wondered why somebody doesn’t do something about that. Then I realized… I was somebody. ” -Lily Tomlin

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