PREMIERE: Jhené Aiko’s Eternal Sunshine

PREMIERE: Jhené Aiko’s Eternal Sunshine

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She’s soulful. She’s deep. She’s beautifully raw. She’s Jhené Aiko and her new music video “Eternal Sunshine” encompasses all she is. The video references very real, very tragic moments in her life (the death of her brother and a car crash involving her daughter, sister, daughter’s father, and herself), but her tone isn’t morose, it’s one of acceptance and peace. Once again, Jhené illustrates why she’s the chillest in the R&B game.

Is is strange for me to say that
If I were to die today
There’s not a thing I would change
I’ve lived well
Maybe I have made mistakes and been through my fair share of pain
But all in all, it’s been okay, I’ve lived well

-Jhené Aiko

It’s a reminder to appreciate the life you’ve been dealt. Through all the pain and heartache, she’s focused on the good things, only the good things. As we all should.

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