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    Get Fit With Keke Palmer

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    The toned, 21-year-old actress, Keke Palmer, spilled a few secrets about how she stays fit. “I typically do cardio every morning and night, and I am currently doing the 30 day squat and abs challenge,” said Palmer in an interview with Heart & Soul Magazine. She also attributed her lean physique to cutting most carbs,…

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    What Would You Do?

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    What Would You Do? Teacher Tries to Help Her Student by Styling Her ‘Tangled’ Hair, Shares Before & After Picture on Facebook Photo What would you do if you sent your daughter to school with her hair one way, and it came back done completely different? There’s a picture (above) floating around social media of…

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    Should You Try Marula Oil?

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    by Jenna Birch Right now, everybody loves oils. Intensely hydrating and packed with nutrients, they can replace everything and the kitchen sink in your life — or at least everything from your moisturizer to your frizz-fighting serum in your beauty routine.The newest buzzy oil is marula, and if you haven’t heard of it yet, you’re…

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    Highs from the 72nd Golden Globe Awards

    594 425 Sydney Tillman

    And red carpet season has begun. The 72nd Golden Globe Awards served us laughter, realness, and a bit of awkwardness. Nonetheless, the night produced some major moments for minorities. Here were our favorite moments: Gina Rodriguez’s Win The Jane the Virgin star delivered an emotional speech after winning Best Actress in a Comedy Series. Not…

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    Boost Your Focus Levels

    1024 767 Zakyree Wallace

    Hey y’all Here we are three weeks into the new year, and you’re still going strong! Wait—y’all are still focused right? There is never a better time to harness the energy of the present than now. After grueling through twelve long months and four seasons, the new year is a welcomed time that many use to…

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    Nicki Minaj: Shows Off Natural Hair on the Red Carpet

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    With her long brown hair, muted makeup, and modest dresses on red carpets as of late, Nicki Minaj may have you wondering, “Who’s that girl?” Indeed, the “Super Bass” singer, 31, has ditched her trademark colorful hairstyles and wild makeup in favor of a more ladylike style for The Other Woman premiere in Los Angeles…

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    Locs all in the family!

    361 270 Hailey Ray

    Dreadlocks are a natural hairstyle that has been around since the beginning of time. The practice is associated with many different religious practices such as Hinduism, Buddhism, and of course Rastafarian, and while many young men and women practice locking as a fashion statements, for many people the roots run deeper. “All the days of…

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    21 Products That Actually Work For All Hairtypes

    613 394 Malia

    Are you tired of wasting money on products that don’t work for your hair texture?!? Well the buck stops here! Check this list of products from NaturallyCurly that work for all hair types. Curl Junkie Coffee-Coco Curl Creme “Good product, easy to apply. Smells great and does its job. Leaves your curls moisturized and defined.” CurlyAnia (2B)…

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    3 Ways To Manage Your Shrinkage

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    Via NaturallyCurly If you’re looking to stretch out your curl pattern without heat or chemicals, we’ve got three methods for you. METHOD 1 Cleanse in twists Wash your hair with a cleansing co-wash like the Carol’s Daughter Hair Milk Cleansing Conditioner. Then rinse and towel dry – with your hair in twists throughout this process. METHOD…

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    Give Your Libido a Lift – How to get in the mood for love

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    By Elaine Magee, MPH, RD WebMD Weight Loss Clinic – Expert Column   We know it has something to do with sex. We know it’s a good thing, and most of us want to have it … but what is the “L word” (libido, that is) exactly? “Libido” is medically defined, in part, as “sexual drive,…

    Natural Ways To Remove Acne

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    There are simple natural ways to remove acne scars. The appearance of acne starts during puberty when the body actively produces…

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    Fruit Infused Water

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    So in my last post Back to Reality I shared one of the easiest ways to effortlessly knock off a few pounds,…

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    Poetic Justice Jeans|Jeans that fit your shape

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    Finding the perfect fitting pair of jeans can be a HUGE struggle especially for women with curves. It fits on your waist, but way to tight on your hips OR it fits great on your thighs and hips but not on your waist. So you go through trying on endless options and walk away frustrated…

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