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    Why we should stop referring to Hip-Hop as “Old- School”

    1024 683 Malia

    Written by: Jermaine A. Shoulders Jaswriter122@gmail.com I decided to speak my peace after I had recently read a Twitter post by Kevin Powell, a writer from Brooklyn, NY. He and I are both a part of the Hip Hop generation, the musical phenomenon that has taken over the world, and has  been such an influence…

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    Professional Overhaul: The 5 Items You Should Have In Your Closet for Dressing Business Professional

    1024 683 Venessa

    Let’s get real: As much as we hate to submit to traditional corporate rules, “dressing the part,” can play a huge role in our success at a company or firm. It can determine if you get another interview. If your superior puts you up for a special project or promotion. If a client will trust…

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    My first impression of The Weeknd’s “StarBoy”!

    605 564 Cierra Venable

    The Weeknd is back, and with more great music! Last year the Canadian singer received a Grammy for his album “Beauty Behind the Madness”, and fans have been patiently waiting to see if his new body of work would follow in its footsteps! His fourth studio album “Starboy”, was released this past Friday and is…

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    Five reasons why Nelly should be a first ballot Hip-Hop Hall of Famer

    597 560 Dillon Robinson

    This probably isn’t what you expected to be reading and that’s perfectly fine. And, I’m pretty sure by now many of you have ditched the band-aids, Air-force one’s, and have packed his CD’s in a corner in the basement. So, I bet you’re probably wondering why out of all of the artists I could’ve chosen,…

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    Step outside of your comfort zone, and study abroad before you graduate

    1024 576 Khari Jones Jr.

    “The use of traveling is to regulate imagination with reality, and instead of thinking how things maybe, see them as they are.” – Samuel Johnson. Earlier this year I went on a study abroad trip to Thessaloniki, Greece, and it was the best experience that I’ve ever had in my life.  I will be honest,…

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    Preserving Your Wash and Go

    296 318 4fsile8hd

    Wash and go’s are one of the best perks to me since going natural.  Never before was I ever able to gel my hair and run out of the house, knowing that my hair would take care of itself as it dried throughout the day! It’s a blessing and a curse though, because it can…

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    Natural Hair Calls for Natural Treatments, and Aloe Vera is the Answer!

    600 359 Malia

    Via NaturalHealings You’re probably used to seeing this soothing ingredient in skincare products, but aloe vera can also work wonders on hair. The ancient plant helps promote hair growth, tames frizz, conditions and acts as a cleanser. How can one plant do all this? Aloe vera is a nutritional powerhouse. It is full of vitamins,…

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    Why Protective Styles can be More of an Escape Than a Preventative Styling Method

    650 365 Malia

      Do you wear protective styles to actually “protect” your hair from day-to-day wear and tear, or are you just wearing them as an excuse to not deal with your hair? This is a question that many of us struggle to answer because deep down inside no matter how bad we want to actually be…

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    Curl Talk: FroGirlGinny Talks Natural Hair, Confidence, and the creation of #Froday

    1024 346 Malia

    Meet Ginny Pettitt a.k.a “FroGirlGinny”, the natural-haired bombshelle from London, who has curls and wisdom for days. I’m sure you’ve seen her gorgeous locs posted, and reposted about 1,000 times on various natural hair pages, but we had the opportunity to catch up with her and have a little “Curl-to-Curl” talk about hair, personal growth…

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    The only three networking emails you need to know how to write

    1024 774 Malia

    Via FastCompany I came across this article while checking out Fast Company’s website the other day, and I wanted to…

    Brandy is a Changed Woman! (Find Out Why Inside)

    600 594 Malia

      Brandy has a “Brand Nu” attitude and we are all here for it! The Chicago Musical star has ditched the unhealthy treats and state of mind  for a more positive and productive life, with a new diet and work out plan. In a recent interview with People Magazine B-Rocka, opened up about how she woke…

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    Met Gala 2015 Fashion Recap

    900 614 Malia

    Met Gala is the biggest event in fashion that happens every year in May to raise money for the Metropolitan Museum of Arts Costume Institute in New York City. This year the theme of the event was China: Through the Looking Glass, and Hollywood’s brightest stars came out in their best attire. The star-studded event included the…

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