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    Hair Chalk Tips and Tricks!

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    Hair Chalking is a fun way to add a splash of temporary color to your hair.  It’s great if you’re non-committal because it washes out easily.   Hair chalk can be found in a variety of places, but for the fancier brands, you’re better off looking online.  You can also checkout Ulta or Sephora stores.  Below…

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    Not Mini…Not Maxi…The Perfect in-between look The “Midi” or Tea length skirt

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    Wearing a midi skirt can be a huge trend to conquer. Maybe you just don’t have the legs for a mini. Maybe you can’t stand the look of the maxi. With midi skirts being right in between it’s definitly worth a try for those who want to try something new and chic. Fitted (Pair with…

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    Spring 2014 Trend | Printed Wide Leg Pants

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    Printed wide leg pants first came on the scene sometime around summer/fall of 2013. I’m super excited that they’re going to be on trend this spring. What do you think? Are you ready to rock these comfy wide leg pants?

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    Tips On How Mother’s Can Manage Their Childs Hair!

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        By: Tawanda Johnson (TJluvsbeingnatural) Managing natural hair as an adult can be very intimidating, so I can imagine that the same level of intimidation exists for moms when it comes to the thought of taking care of their child’s natural tresses. My mom maintained my natural hair until I was about 10 years…

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    Handling It: Life With Natural Hair in a Small Texas Town

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    Via Let Me Let You Know Being natural in my small West Texas town has been a mixture of things.  It’s been fun, it’s been frustrating, it’s been confusing, it’s been eye-opening, it’s been everything.  There are those who are complimentary of my change and there are also, of course, random naysayers who are rudely…

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    I Love My Nappy Hair

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    Nappy (adj): (usually of black African hair) tightly coiled; kinky hair. For many centuries the word “nappy” has always been associated with a negative connotation. Many women feel that their natural tightly coiled hair is not beautiful or accepted, because of years of hearing that it was disgusting, unmanageable, and not preferred. As a young…

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    My yoga teacher, who is much younger and much wiser than I, posted this today:

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    My tomorrow is a reflection of what I do today. I seriously needed to read that. It’s an affirmation. Affirmations are reminders to ourselves that what we can accomplish our goals, that we can invite what we want into our lives. Do you want to be healthy? Avoid drama? Make new friends? Affirmations remind you…

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    Designer Look for Less: Céline Boston Bag for as low as $32

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    The infamous Céline bags are undeniably the biggest fall handbag trend this fall. When something is super trendy and in high demand what happens next? We get a HUGE variety of Céline inspired bags. Not knock-offs but bags that have the same look (in this case the extended triangular sides), but for wayyy less. So…

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