New Trends:Less is More

New Trends:Less is More

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We still have a few more days left of summer. Make the few days count and have fun in the sun! Go walk on the beach wearing Lulu Dekwiatkowski’s new metallic jewelry tattoos. These tattoos are so pretty! They come in black, gold and silver. A lot of celebrities have been wearing them. Beyonce was spotted on instagram wearing the jewelry to complete her outfit. Lulu got her inspiration to make the jewelry from her textile company, she is also an artist. Pictures of her metallic tattoos are on her blog, “Trail of Inspiration”. These tattoos are available on her website or you can just email her at and order. They last for 4-6 days in or out of the water. So go ahead and order your tattoos before it gets cold. When it does get cold, you can wrap your feet up in the new Civic Duty sneakers that is made of Tyvek. The sneakers are very light and water-resistant. When it rains, these are perfect!! I can’t wait to get a pair. The shoes are also environmentally friendly. You can find out more information on These items are so simple, but their worth buying because, they give you definition to your daily outfits and their user-friendly. Not to mention that they are fashionable. So save yourself some money by buying you some water-resistant jewelry and shoes!

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