Natura Beauty of the Week: Briana Milbourne

Natura Beauty of the Week: Briana Milbourne

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Who is Briana Milbourne? 
My name is Briana Milbourne. I am from Baltimore , Maryland. I am a college student studying Fine Arts and also theater. I love painting, drawing, and acting most of all.One of the most important things to me is living free because everyone needs to take a moment and enjoy life before everything passes you by. Being humble will take you on a never ending journey. I love helping people, putting smiles on faces, and warming hearts.

Talk to me about your natural hair journey (how did it start, challenges and experiences etc.)
I’ve always had long hair so in 2008 I cut my hair into a very short style to change up my look. I was still using CREAMY CRACK ! Well in 2011 I decided to let my hair grow back. So my natural hair journey began. I struggled with twist outs, bantu knots, braid outs and everything you could possibly imagine. Shortly after I was introduced to my best friend! Miss Wash-and-go. Wash-and-go was my best friend. As my hair grew longer I wanted color so I went blonde and never went back. Like every natural the daily struggles of finding the right products can be tricky but its worth it completely.

What was your process in learning how to accept your natural tresses?
I had to accept that I have very fizzy hair. Humidity is not my friend. But, I learned that products will help but I can’t ever rid myself of frizz forever. I assured myself that my hair is fizzy but its mine and its healthy and I’m lucky and blessed enough to have hair to take care of.

What is your hair-type, and what are your go-to natural hair care products?
I have 3b/3c hair little to no shrinkage at all. My go to natural products are Shea moisture, Carols daughter, and Mixed chicks. I love coconut oil, castro oil and avocado oil. Palmers protein treatment are GOLD !

What’s your style, how do you rock your natural hair?
My style is very free it changes often like the seasons, but I always wear my fro out or up in a pony puff.
If you could describe your hair in 3 words, what would they be?

Who is your hair crush?
My hair crush is Serria Issac instagram: @sensualserria

What is your advice for someone that is considering transitioning to natural, but may be a little apprehensive?
Get ready for a journey to gain healthy hair. It’s time to fall in love with your hair and enjoy every length and stage. Don’t be afraid of change, your hair will grow !

Complete this sentence: Natural hair is….
Natural hair is Freedom

What’s next for you? (what are your plans for the future)
Future plans would be graduating with my undergraduate degree, and going to study abroad in china. Study more about acting and film.Also I am planning to help sick individuals with art therapy.

How can our readers keep up with you? 
Instagram: @_iambam
Behance (online portfolio): Briana Milbourne


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