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  • April 26, 2015

Mattel Honors “Selma” Directer Ava Duvernay With A Barbie Doll Made in Her Image!

Mattel Honors “Selma” Directer Ava Duvernay With A Barbie Doll Made in Her Image!

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Now back in my day (the 90’s lol), the only Barbie doll that I saw of color was “Teresa,” Barbies’ brown-skinned best friend, who had long straight hair, full lips, and a wardrobe that was out of this world!

Even though she was my favorite doll to play with, I never felt like she looked liked me or many of the other brown-skinned girls that I played with.

With the recent explosion of the natural hair movement, and more and more African-American women coming to the forefront in the media, little girls now have a variety of ethnically diverse “Barbie” dolls to play with that look more like them.




Mattel recently honored Ava Duvernay, the director of the Oscar nominated civil rights film “Selma,” and the first African-American woman director to have her film nominated for “Best Picture.”

Ava’s doll is apart of a new set of “Shero” Barbies that Mattel describes as, “female heroes who inspire girls by breaking boundaries and expanding possibilities for women everywhere.”

Other daring women who are honored in the collection include: actors, Emmy Rossum and Kristin Chenoweth, singer Trisha Yearwood, fashion magazine editor Eva Chen and five-year-old fashion designer  Sydney “Mayhem” Keiser.



S/o to Ava Duvernay for representing brown girls everywhere, and being a positive influence on the masses. Ava, is daring, fearless and driven to redefine the standards of the way people of color are portrayed in the film industry.

Beyond being a phenomenal director, she is also the founder of African-American Film Festival Releasing Movement,  a program that was created to provide opportunities to a diverse set of filmmakers who in the past have been underrepresented in the industry.

Ava Duvernay, we salute you.

*Unfortunately Ava’s doll is not for sale.

Check out her response and her doll below. What do you think about Mattel honoring Ava? 




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