Loux: Your One Stop Shop Online Beauty Supply!

Loux: Your One Stop Shop Online Beauty Supply!

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As a natural that is always on the go, with an increasingly fast-paced lifestyle, it is essential that I maximize my time. But, with having natural hair that can be a bit challenging with the mounds of websites and information that we have to sift through in order to find products and tips to manage our curly tresses.


Wouldn’t it be nice if there were a place where you were able to shop the hottest natural hair care brands, for all hair types, without having to go from site-to-site to find the product that best suits your hair and lifestyle?


Loux is an Atlanta based company that is dedicated to streamlining the hair care shopping experience for ethnic and multicultural women. The website offers easy to navigate options based on hair type, product need, brand, etc. Loux also offers popular, store known brands like Miss Jessie’s, Karen’s Body Beautiful, Eden Body Works, Curls, Design Essentials, and Jane Carter as well as emerging names like Hydratherma, Milk + Honey, CinagrOrganic, BelNouvo, Naturalicious, and more in one place. Each brand can be purchased together and arrives in one box in as little as three days.  Also, there is FREE shipping on orders that are over $35.


I checked out Loux, and I wanted to share my experience. Check it out below!


Layout of the Website

I absolutely love how incredibly neat and organized the site is. I know from past experiences, when a website is too cluttered with information, I get overwhelmed because I don’t know what deserves the most attention and what doesn’t. With Loux, you don’t have that problem. The site is organized into categories based on the direct needs of your hair, while also offering recommendations of products from developing and traditional hair care brands. Also, if you know exactly what product you are looking for, they have a cool search tool that takes you right to the product that you need in seconds!

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Product Descriptions

I enjoy how simplified the product descriptions are. They are made for easy understanding, and I think its pretty neat that they suggest the hair type that your product of choice works best for, and they also give suggestions on other products that are similar that you may enjoy as well. This feature saves a lot of time and money on products that you thought were going to work but didn’t because they weren’t comparable to your hair type.

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Loux offers a variety of products for all hair types. And, instead of having to go to various websites to buy one product for moisture, and another for curl definition, you can handle all of your hair-care needs in one place, which is a definite treat for a person like me who is always busy.

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Checkout Process

The checkout process for Loux is quick, easy and straight to the point. And they say that your product will be to you in three days or less.

I ordered Miss Jessie’s “Coily Custard” today, so I will be back with a review of the product and also my experience with shipping from Loux.


Stay Tuned!!






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