Hair Chalk Tips and Tricks!

Hair Chalk Tips and Tricks!

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Hair Chalking is a fun way to add a splash of temporary color to your hair.  It’s great if you’re non-committal because it washes out easily.   Hair chalk can be found in a variety of places, but for the fancier brands, you’re better off looking online.  You can also checkout Ulta or Sephora stores.  Below is a list of tips and tricks for application, as well as compilation of retail stores and websites to get you started.  Happy Hair Chalking!


The Tips and Tricks:

1)   If you have blonde hair or highlights where you are applying the chalk, it’s best NOT to wet your hair first.  The pigment may stick too well and not wash out as easily.

2)   If you’re a red-head, or have red highlights you should try applying the chalk to your hair while it’s dry to start off, then add water if you need to double up on the pigment.

3)   For dark hair, apply water (via a spray bottle) and then apply the chalk to your hair, it’ll give you a truer color.  You should also try to find very bright shades of chalk, as your hair will darken them once you apply it.

4)   If you already have dry hair, you should not chalk too often.  Chalking has been said to exacerbate dry hair problems.  Try just wearing it for fun here and there, or for holidays!

5)    The chalk needs to dry before you mess with it (meaning styling).  You can blow dry, but air drying is the least damaging method for your hair.

6)   Wear an old t-shirt or drape an old pillowcase over yourself before you chalk.  Things can get pretty messy if you don’t.

7)   Read all instructions carefully, no two hair chalk brands are the same after all.


Online sites for buying hair chalk:


Retail stores that carry Hair Chalk:





Sallys Beauty Supply:







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