Great Products for TWAs!

Great Products for TWAs!

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Hey curly girls! Just wanted to share with you all a few great videos I found.  Each videos is especially tailored to TWA ladies!

Right after you big chop and have a TWA, you may be desperate to find things that work to keep your hair moisturized.  FEAR NOT! The videos I have posted below have many different things for you to try that will help you out in your journey.  You may already be feeling like a bit of a product junkie, but that’s okay.  It’s normal to freak out a little bit and keep running to the store, seeking a miracle product that will transform your hair.  Keep it in check though, or you WILL break your bank.  

The products used in the videos below are all ones that I have tried before and like, and I felt that each of the ladies did a great job explaining them.

Happy Viewing!

 1)   V is for Virtue -The video below shows not only products, but tools that are useful in maintaining and styling your TWA. Enjoy:


2)   93 Kaffy- 93 Kaffy shows how she uses some Shea Moisture products, as well as apple cider vinegar, JBCO, shea butter, water and Organics leave-in conditioner to create a nicely moisturized TWA:


3)  Michelle Williams-  You’ll need to watch a separate video to see the way she uses the products to style her hair, but in the one below she shows you what she uses and explains why.   She likes the Giovanni line, as do I, and she takes her hair vitamins like every good natural girl should! Check it out (beware though, the video ends abruptly…)

What do you think?

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