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Get Off Your Back

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Learn to Leave Self Sabotage in the Dust… you MUST

After years of shaking my head at folks and myself for self induced anger spells I was exposed to the concept of self sabotage. You are more than likely rolling your eyes at the term “self sabotage” and asking yourself what it means. Self sabotage in simple terms is the act of working against your own best personal interest in the long run. Two of the most common self sabotaging behaviors of the American population are overreacting and procrastinating. In order for us to be the best versions of ourselves we need to understand our behaviors.

The very first step to overcoming self sabotage is to recognize the behavior. Once you recognize your pattern put it behind you. Yes, it’s really easy to purchase a gym membership and even engage a trainer but to actually put forth the effort to exercise you must lock the door on the negative thoughts that kept you on the sofa. Stop telling yourself that you are never going to get those 10 lbs off. This means you’ll have to cast aside negative thinking that has been with you far longer than the freshman fifteen. You may even have to unlearn behaviors you learned from your parent or guardian. As an adult we must learn to control the voice in our heads and not let this voice control us. The negative nancy on your shoulder is only holding you back from realizing your greatest potential. Theory suggest that once we have removed this negativity we have space to find who we really are.

In order to cast aside negative thinking you must learn to stop worrying. One would think that the “w” in women stands for worry. It’s almost like we were born to carry worry. We saw or mother’s worry who saw our grandmother’s worry… in all that worrying no one advised us that the time spent on worrying would be better served elsewhere! If we spent as much time on bettering ourselves and learning ourselves than we did on worrying imagine how much richer and happier we would be. Worrying is a destructive practice that will leave you hairless and friendless. So it simple as it seems “don’t worry be happy”.

Don’t let your behaviors or lack thereof hold you back from realizing your dreams. With this, I urge you to look beyond the worry and negativity – reach for perspective. Perspective will allow you to see that you are a gift so stop looking for your own receipt.

Peggy Arthur

Peggy began her natural hair journey in 2012. She became obsessed with YouTube and mixing her own DIY natural hair products in her own kitchen. Additionally, she raided local health food shops and online shops. All the while she searched for a natural hair salon home to call her own. It was then that Peggy discovered that something was missing. The environment in which she lived did not have a brick and mortar she could physically visit and purchase truly natural hair care products and accessories. She could only find products with ingredients that weren’t ideal for her tresses. Harsh chemicals like sulfates, parabens, silicones, and other undesirable things lived in the products. With this, Peggy sought out to create a platform for other women with curly hair experiencing the same void. From this void truly Natural Boutique Hair Products + Accessories was born in 2013. Peggy is also a blogger and vlogger with a passion for inspiring other entrepreneurs to follow their dreams.

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