Felica Friday: Ten Natural Hair Commandments

Felica Friday: Ten Natural Hair Commandments

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Written By: Felicia Leatherwood

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1. Thou shall not ever curse thou own hair or anyone elses.

2. Thou shall be more mindful of what’s going in the body as well as on the hair.

3. Thou shall not label any hair as “good” or “bad”. If it grows out your scalp then it’s all good.

4. Thou shall consistently nourish and feed the hair with healthy hair products.

5. Thou shall recognize that a texturizer IS a chemical relaxer and NO Lye IS a lie.

6. Thou shall treat the hair and the body as a Temple.

7. Thou shall always have patience with their Kinky Curly hair.

8. Thou shall never use silicones or parabens in their hair.

9. Thou shall wrap thy hair up to protect while sleeping.

10. Thou shall ALWAYS rock thy natural hair with confidence. Love Your Hair With Natural Care.


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