Don’t Fear The Fall: Rise Up& Attack (Motivation)

Don’t Fear The Fall: Rise Up& Attack (Motivation)

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We often get caught in a downward swirl. Nothing seems to work out as planned, obstacles keep popping up in the least expected moments and it looks as though all forces stand against us. In such scenarios, we give up when the going gets tough.


Fortunately, many renowned personalities remind us that there is no failure except in no longer trying.

But why do some of us fail in the pursuit of dreams and aspirations? Why don’t things work out even when we try? There are a few factors to take into consideration.

  1. Lack of well-defined purpose of life. Not knowing exactly what you want to achieve will get you turning round in circles with no concrete aim to work towards.
  2. Sometimes we do know what we want to achieve, but lack ambition–will-power and self-discipline to move forward without sacrifice. Nothing comes easy and sacrificing is a part of the process which gets us closer to our goal.
  3. That leads us to persistence. You may be a good starter, enthusiastic and zealous, but being a bad finisher is a trait which will keep you stagnant.
  4. Fear stops majority of us from trying to achieve our goals.  Fear of poverty, criticism, taking risks and failing, keep us in our comfort zone and just like it implies, we stay in the same place with little progress.
  5. According to our society, it is seen as credible to become a doctor, a lawyer or any profession of high status. Very often we choose the wrong profession and become somebody we are not. This is a perfect recipe to unhappiness, indifference and dormancy.

If you are going through some tough moments in life, it is time to sit up and get your act together. We are the creators of how we live our lives through the choices we make. No excuses. Take responsibility. Define your purpose of life! Discipline yourself! Be a good finisher! Do not fear the fall, catch the wind and you shall fly! Follow your heart and passion and everything else should naturally fall into place!

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