Edge Control Review

Edge Control Review

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Although I love to rock my kinks and curls I always feel the need to add a little edge control to neatly finish my hairstyle of the day. A lot of woman, natural and relaxed, swear by edge control because it works so well to get those untamable pieces of hair in check. With edge control being so popular now there is a variety of brands to choose from. I’ve had my share of product testing for edge controls and over the summer I’ve stumble across a keeper….

Lotta Body: Control Me Edge Gel


I have to give this product two thumbs up and before you head out to buy a jar I’ll tell you my top 3 reasons for loving this control me edge gel.

  1. No Flaking! Other edge controls that I’ve tried begin to flake as the day goes on and leaves the edges dry and brittle. I absolutely hate flaking, so that was my first observation when I started to use this product. Control Me Edge Gel has coconut and shea oils that keeps the hair moisturized and adds shine.
  2. No hard hair! After applying Control Me Edge Gel my hair still feels soft. It doesn’t glue your edges in place but smoothly blends your hair with slight reinforcement.
  3. Long lasting! A little goes a long way with this product. I’m going into my fourth month with my first jar and I still have enough to last me for a couple of months.

edge control


Lotta Body Control Me Edge has really impressed me and is now one of my daily products to add the finishing neat touch to my hairstyles. It’s especially great for ponytails, puffs, and other pulled up hairstyles. You can find this product in your local hair supply asiles for no more than $6.00.

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