How to change a system that wasn’t meant for us

How to change a system that wasn’t meant for us

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The summer of 2016 was a wake-up call for many that justice for the African American community would be a long shot. And, it became pretty obvious from the police shootings that killed black men & women without any consequences. Though some may argue that justice was served, it is pretty clear that the consequences don’t equate the crime. A paid leave for a murder crime simply undermines the act, as well as the lives that were lost.

In order to understand the challenges that African-American’s experience, one has to picture themselves in our shoes.  And if they did, would they be content with a police officer killing one of their  unarmed family members? Let alone get away with it and still get paid?

Personally, I couldn’t imagine the pain and agony my family would have to go through if something were to happen to any of the men in my family due to police brutality. The victims’ families should not have to suffer because a system refuses to stand for our African American people. It affects many young men like me tremendously. We go around every day worried about being the next hashtag. The system was built to protect us, not shoot us.

It’s time for a change. I mean some real hands-on change. We have to do something and take a stand. There’s a quote that says, “Stand for something or fall for anything.” That is what we have been doing for so many years–just letting our race get dominated by another race. It’s even worse now because there are black men in positions being used as puppets about the crisis that is going on with our people.

If we look at history, and see what the civil rights leaders did in the 60s to bring change, we can do the same–if not even better. We are more powerful than we think! Coming together as one is the best thing we can do right now. But first, we need to start building ourselves to be economically independent, by delving into fields like law enforcement, entrepreneurship, criminal justice, etc., to be competitive and also to be able to take care and stand for our own. This will give us the power to alter and affect the economy more effectively in cases where justice is not served, like back in the day when the civil rights movement refused to utilize the buses and it affected the whole country financially.

Then, they decided it was time to change the laws. That is what we need to do for us to get their attention. The time is now, if we don’t start soon, we will continue to get oppressed and eventually get back to where we once were–and that is with no rights at all. If we were to do the same thing today, who knows what can happen, especially with the money we are generating as a black community.

We need real leaders to take initiative to make change and not be afraid of the backlash! Just like Martin Luther King, Tupac Shakur, and Malcolm X, three magnificent leaders who used their platform and died for a cause. Those guys were relentless in pursuing change in our world.

These are my thoughts as a young black man.

Black people, let’s rise!

Khari Jones Jr.

Khari Jones Jr. is 25 years old, from Chicago, Illinois. He is currently finishing up his last year of undergrad at Indiana State University, and he is a writer for UrbanSocial Magazine. Writing is his way of expressing his thoughts and feelings. Khari lives by the quote "When motivation is strong, there is ambition, when there is strong ambition, there is motivation. He plans to uplift, encourage, and motivate others with his story.

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