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How your experiences can help you dream up a better vision for yourself.

“Visualization is daydreaming with a purpose.” – Bo Bennett

I’m sure many successful people can attest to the fact that the best visions come randomly. While you’re driving, watching a basketball game, in the shower, or running errands. And, if you ask many of them I’m sure they will say that they made the conscious decision to actually act on the great ideas that they found themselves daydreaming about. When you see the glimpse of possibilities of something you desire, but don’t think is attainable, believe in yourself. You never know, I truly believe a vision is something eminent in a person’s heart that cannot be ignored.

It’s amazing how one thought can get you started on a journey.
The adventure of following visions is an experience that cannot be taught and some of the greatest stories that have gone untold, moreover the knowledge you gain from failures is something unexplainable. What I’ve learned more than anything else from experiences, is that trying something different, making mistakes, and overcoming them gives you the opportunity to dream up a greater vision. This is an insight that is not taught in the classroom.

My experiences with transferring from three different colleges has truly given me the understanding that sometimes things don’t  always work out as planned. But, you can’t dwell on the failure, just move forward and take what you’ve learned for further progression. If you plan, meditate, and execute your goals,  you can potentially change the stratosphere of not only your life, but your family as well. With your influence you will inspire others to pursue their dreams and visions. From these experiences you grow tremendously, and as you grow and continue to have visions, always try to pursue them.