Beach Hair, Looks, and Inspiration

Beach Hair, Looks, and Inspiration

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Happy spring ladies–I feel like I’ve been waiting so long to say those words! With that being said, let’s talk beach hair, hats, and scarves. I’ve always loved the beach, and being that I live in a state where it’s not even two hours away, I make frequent trips throughout the summer. Having a low-maintenance hairstyle is a must on my beach days, and my go to styles are braids and buns. They tend to be the easiest to maintain, and I don’t like to over-manipulate or put a lot of stress on my hair–especially anytime water comes into play.


Braids on my Natural Hair, added beads to give it a little extra flair!

IMG_7744 (1)

I call this my tuck and roll bun, because that’s literally all I did!

Besides low maintenance hair styles, I’m also a huge fan of hats! I wear hats all year long, so summer is no exception. Check out stores like H&M, Forever21, and Target — they always have a great selection of fedoras and straw hats, which are perfect for beach days! Anytime I blow my hair out and I’m near water a hat is within arm’s reach; I mean, I love the beach and all, but salt water and natural hair don’t mix. The closer I get to the water the bigger my hair gets, so I’ve learned that a hat is much-needed on days when I actually want to keep my blowout fresh! I always buy my hats a bit oversized, so that I’m able to tuck all of my hair away without exposing it to the water or the sun, which can also be damaging. So make sure to keep those hats close by this summer, believe me, they will come in handy!

photo (1)

This hat is more than 10 years old, I purchased it from Macy’s for about $25 bucks.

Last but not least let’s talk scarves. I just love a nice vintage head scarf! I cannot stress this enough ladies: please don’t sleep on thrift stores! I purchased both of these scarves (pictured below) for about $3.There’s always a huge selection of scarves and hats at thrift and vintage stores, so take advantage of them. One of the main reasons I love thrifting is because I know that I won’t run into anybody wearing the same thing as me. So, grab a vintage scarf and some big shades, and give us 1960’s chic! I’m a plain Jane when it comes to how I actually wrap my scarves; I haven’t really mastered all the many ways to wear them, so ladies, please share how you plan to style your scarves this summer.

image (2)


image (6)

Thrifted scarves!

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