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3 Instagram Accounts to Follow if You’re a Foodie Trying to Get Fit for the New Year

We are in the digital age where finding inspiration is as simple as clicking a hashtag. In 2017 it is time for a social media shift, we must change how we utilize this powerful tool. More times than not, it’s easy to become enthralled by picturesque views of foreign locations, seemingly “perfect” IG bodies, and gossip pages spilling all of the “tea”. But, do yourself a favor, and allow 2017 to be a transformative period for your health and wealth. If you’re looking to transition into a greener way of eating, while maintaining healthy long-term changes, you’re in the right place. Below are the IG accounts of 3 different culinary connoisseurs who will help you eat right and savor every bite, all while getting your body tight in  the New Year.

@chocolateforbasil Chocolate for Basil is a joint effort between Jerrelle Guy, an omnivore—aka meat-eater, and Eric Harrison, a vegetarian. Their healthy cooking is mesmerizing. As you scroll down their Instagram you’ll see nothing but delicious plant-based food that actually nourishes your soul and health. Healthy eating never looked as tempting as it does in Guy’s recipes for lemon poppy seed cupcakes, farro and lentil stuffed squash with balsamic dressing, chocolate swirled pretzel bites with cinnamon sugar, ultimate vegan pounder burger, and peach gazpacho with turmeric and tarragon. Jerrelle Guy is a conscious eater who shares flavorful alternatives to the comfort food we all know and love.

@foodheavenshowThis dynamic duo made of 2 registered dietitians, Wendy and Jess, are best friends and the brainpower behind Food Heaven Made Easy. They’ve been in the health and wellness game since 2011, utilizing YouTube videos as a way to reach a larger audience and have organic conversations about nutrition and healthy eating. Their food philosophy is that “healthy eating should be delicious, cost effective and relatively painless” ( If you head over to their website, you’ll find an extensive 4-year archive of tried and true plant-based recipes. The road to becoming healthier isn’t always easy, but if you use what you have to do what you can, clean eating will become an enjoyable and easy way of life.  If you need guidance along your journey, Wendy and Jess offer affordable starter kits ranging from $ 19 USD to $59 USD that include meals plans, tips, and tricks for weight loss, clean eating, and vegetarian eating.

@caitsplateA healthy diet plan, according to the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, emphasizes fruits, vegetables, whole grains and fat-free or low-fat milk and milk products; includes lean meats, poultry, fish, beans, eggs and nuts; is low in saturated fats, trans fats, cholesterol, salt and added sugars; and stays within your daily calorie needs. Cait Elf, of @caitsplate, offers up some of the best visual representations of what a balanced meal looks like. Her attention to detail is impeccable, and she shows what a full day of eating for her is like from breakfast through dessert, including snacks and sides. Elf believes a “balanced lifestyle is the healthiest lifestyle, and there is no singular prescription for this – it’s completely individualized” ( Her blog post topics include how to repurpose leftover roasted veggies, smashed Mexican sweet potatoes, 3-ingredient smoothie bowls, protein-packed breakfast tacos, and much more


What Instagram pages are you following for food inspiration? Drop them below!.

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The 3 Most Powerful Ways to Take Control of Your Destiny and Turn Your Passion into Profit

The key to fulfilling, profitable and passion-filled success is longevity. In other words, your goal may be attractive, but does it have lasting value?

Introspection will help you monitor your progress and live life mindfully. Mindfulness is all about living in the moment, and allowing your thoughts and feelings to come and go without labeling them as “good” or “bad”. (Insert hyperlink to mindfulness post) Decorate your mind with positive thoughts and turn your pain into power and motivation. We live in a society where instant gratification is the new normal, and longevity and enjoying the process is rare. There is fulfillment in allowing yourself to grow through the process, and it can be found when you stop looking for validation in the external environment, and seek inner peace. Satisfaction has to be internally driven to lead to happiness.

Another essential habit of successful people is planning ahead. When you have a vision, describe your goals specifically and see your work to the end. Then strategize on how to make these dreams happen. Fulfill your intentions with real commitments and watch yourself, your relationships, and your network grow. The greatest battle with this is when your plan goes south and you’re faced with adversity, but remember you are no greater than the thoughts you think. Adversity is a test of mental toughness. Deep meaningful conversations with others help you gain insight into who you are and where you’re going. Pursue things you love, and focus on what truly makes you happy to tap into the power of your soul. The purpose of the struggle is to develop strength. Remind yourself to forget what is behind, be mindful of the present, and continue to press on towards your goals. Don’t stop at where you are as if it is the final destination. Your current position in life may actually be a stepping stone or transportation to get where you need to be.  I’ve learned that most life experiences are lessons that work to bring us closer to the path we’re meant to pave. Each step will take you where you need to be if you keep sight of the goal.

The other key to success is time management. Monitor the amount of free-time you have. Sometimes, we fill our free-time with unproductive behavior to stay busy. There is a difference between being busy and being productive. To make life more productive, consider how much time you dedicate utilizing your talents. Research, plan, and execute. Learn as much as you can about your passion, write your goals down on paper and go after them. Most of your time should be spent doing the things you were meant to do. Time is irreplaceable and it is more important than money. However as we get older, this principle often becomes distorted. We begin to value money and job security more than experience. Experience in the form of travel, cultural immersion, and networking with people in your industries of passion is integral to personal growth. Personal growth and soul-searching is key to learning how to find your purpose, and in turn make your passion your profit. We can be passionate about a variety of things, but anything you put your energy into should serve your purpose here on earth. Reserve your energy for the highest and best use. When you’re productive you’re living a full life instead of going through the motions.

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Clean Eating Series: The Best Healthy Carbs to Fuel Your Lifestyle

Supplement powders, pills, and juices are overflowing on supermarket shelves, and they’re casting a shadow on a food first approach to nourishing your soul and health. Even though trendy nutrition products are in the limelight, fresh, natural, whole foods have the real star power when it comes to providing your body with all the nutrients it needs. Choosing to eat food that is both pleasurable and nourishing will help you achieve your body goals while advancing towards optimal health. Over time, you’ll develop increased awareness about how specific foods impact your body, and you’ll be able to make better choices about the food you eat and buy.

The food label, which includes the nutrition facts panel, makes it pretty simple to scope out targets. It’s easy to zoom in on the total calories, and on food groups like carbs and fats. However, it is important to look at this information with a critical lens.

Carbohydrates are not bad for you, and eliminating them from your diet or severely restricting them isn’t the key to weight loss. In fact, carbohydrates nourish us more than any other macronutrient, and we need to get most of our calories from them. When carbs are digested and broken down they are transformed into molecules of glucose, which is the body’s primary source of fuel for active cells. Whenever your body is awake and moving, it needs carbohydrates to power through the day.

Balance and moderation are the major themes in all areas of nutrition. Carbohydrates come in many different forms, and understanding which type to consume more — and less — of is what’s important.

Common sources of naturally occurring carbohydrates include fruits, vegetables, milk, grains and legumes (beans). Whole grains and dietary fiber from foods help protect against nutrition-related diseases like cardiovascular disease, obesity, and Type 2 diabetes.

Foods high in fiber and those with resistant starch (cooked pasta) are lower on the glycemic index. The glycemic index is a way to help compare sugar content in different foods, because not all carbohydrates have the same digestibility rate. The lower a food’s glycemic index or glycemic load, the less it affects blood sugar and insulin levels. Foods made with refined grains, instead of whole grains, or with added sugars are usually higher. These include cakes, breakfast cereals, white rice, waffles, bagels, doughnuts, and sweetened beverages.

Foods that are more slowly absorbed have metabolic benefits in relation to diabetes and CVD risk. Replace high glycemic index foods with high fiber foods like whole-wheat products, quinoa, brown rice, farro, barley, and unflavored oatmeal. I know unflavored oatmeal may sound alarming, but you can hook it up on your own with fresh fruit, raw honey, almond butter, and a little reduced-fat milk.  If you’re going to buy a carbohydrate at the grocery store, look for options that have three or more grams of fiber.

As you begin to explore new ways of eating, you’ll learn the best way to fuel your body. Slow down when eating a meal to tune into hunger, fullness, and the flavors you experience. Moderation and mindful eating are the key to developing a healthy relationship with food that allows you to revel in the pleasure principle.

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Learn the single most powerful habit to transform your health

Thoughts are like gnats.

You can either swat them away, or just let them buzz. Unfortunately no matter how hard you try to control to your thoughts and do-away with emotions, the reverse may happen and you can become consumed by your thoughts. In my experience, being mindful is the solution to battling internal conflict. Being mindful means allowing your thoughts and feelings to come and go without labeling them as “good” or “bad”. You have to be patient with the present moment and live in it. If you don’t like how you are feeling, challenge the thought by re-routing your thinking and focus. Don’t let negative energy rent a space in your mind. Negative energy plants a toxic seed rooted in worry, anxiety, and anger, which grows into harmful thought patterns.

At this point it becomes difficult to separate the rational mind from the emotional mind. However, we have control over which mind we give our attention to. The power to control your focus is a major key to becoming mindful. By controlling the direction of your attention, you can learn how to attract positivity into your life. As you pursue your dreams a force will arise and try to prevent you from moving forward. It takes the form of fear, self-doubt, and procrastination. You can’t have the dream without the shadow, so fight this feeling and overcome it. Channel your energy into positive thoughts. Defeat is in your mind and resilience is in your soul.

Decorate your mind with positive thoughts and turn pain into power and motivation. This will lead to beneficial habits that promote your advancement. You can achieve whatever you envision. Focus on the journey not the destination. Joy is found not in finishing an activity, but in doing it. Not everyone can take the same pathway to success, and someone else’s success doesn’t block your own blessings. We all have to blaze our own trail and find our unique purpose. There is a role only you can play, testimony only you can give, and a life only you can touch. Don’t get discouraged by your current situation. Adversity is a test of mental toughness. You will never be faced with a difficulty that you can’t overcome.

Focus on what the next best step is for you, write down your goals, and be intentional with following through. Our brain works by addition not subtraction. You can’t take away the bad, but you can work to make it right. Where attention goes, energy flows. The thoughts you think and the words you speak become the home you live in. Mindfulness also translates into how you nourish your body. Proper nutrition and a positive mindset will help you live your fullest life. When beginning the journey to be healthier, start where you are, use what you have, and do what you can. It’s important to set realistic goals. Once you’ve become more mindful, you’re able to tune into your body and help it become balanced with vital nutrients that are often overlooked, and pushed to the wayside in favor of foods that offer poor nutrient quality. Mindfully eating unites your body and spirit to provide nourishment that helps you live your fullest life.