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My first impression of The Weeknd’s “StarBoy”!

The Weeknd is back, and with more great music! Last year the Canadian singer received a Grammy for his album “Beauty Behind the Madness”, and fans have been patiently waiting to see if his new body of work would follow in its footsteps! His fourth studio album “Starboy”, was released this past Friday and is already receiving positive feedback. I can honestly describe it as one of my favorite R&B albums of the year, and it has only been out for a couple of days! Crazy right? Many artists had highly anticipated albums this year, including The Weeknd, and he did not let us down at all.

If I could choose one word to describe this album, I would say that it is diverse. Each song has its own individual sound and personality, and I think that’s what makes this album so great. He provides us with a range from Daft Punk with the album’s first single “Starboy” and “I Feel it Coming”, to  a classic R&B vibe with his song “True Colors”, and he even adds a Hip-Hop spin with his song “All I know” featuring Future.

The album has features from: Daft Punk, Future, Kendrick Lamar and Lana Del Ray. If you’re looking for something to listen to as the year wraps up I definitely recommend it! My favorite song so far is “True Colors”. Give the album a listen and let us know what you’re favorite song is! I can’t wait to hear what you think, happy listening!

Update: The Weeknd’s album “Starboy” is # 1 in over 80 countries.

Check out the FULL visual to “Mania” Below!

Take a listen to the album Here

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How we can help Kanye instead of hurt him

Kanye West has been one of the biggest rappers/producers in the game for 10 plus years now. And, fans have watched him go through ups and downs from his near fatal car accident, the loss of his mother, and the many rants that have fans saying: “I miss the old Kanye!” Speaking of which, his latest rant is the reason why he’s been in the headlines this week.

During his show in Sacramento, he went on a vicious rant about Donald Trump, Google, racism, and even his relationship with Jay-Z. If that wasn’t enough, Kanye left the concert after performing only 3 songs and being 90 minutes late. Here’s the video of what went down!

Major news outlets filled with fans and critics dragged Kanye through the mud because of his actions and a day or so after, it was reported that Kanye was hospitalized.

Okay, so I completely understand the frustration that many of you have towards him. But, we all can’t deny the fact that Kanye has given us amazing music that we all will listen to until the end of time. Could you imagine being criticized everyday by millions of people? Could you imagine not being able to grieve like a normal person? I’m not saying that Ye is perfect, but he is human and he makes mistakes like all of us.

Kanye isn’t the only celebrity who has battled with mental illness & depression. Artists like Kid Cudi, Kendrick Lamar, Brittany Spears,Mariah Carey and many more deal with it.

So what can we do to help?

We should try to uplift them instead of tearing them down like they aren’t real people with feelings.  We should try to be more understanding and stop encouraging negativity on social media.

We have to be the generation of change. And, stop the hate!

What are your thoughts on Kanye’s recent actions? Let’s chat below!

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A True Ode to Hip-Hop: A Tribe Called Quest’s releases a new album after 18 years

After 18 years, the legendary group: A Tribe Called Quest releases their final album, “We got it from here, Thank you for your service”. After the passing of member “Phife Dawg” in March of this year, I thought I’d never hear anything new from them again. The album is eclectic, soulful, and nostalgic as it reminds me of why I fell in love with Hip-Hop.

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The album’s first single “We the people” discusses a lot of the issues that our current generation faces on a day to day bases. Q-Tip comes hard on the first verse as he addresses police brutality, inequalities that minority’s face, and how we live in a world that is divided. But that’s not all that this album has to offer, it’s raw, relentless and it’s what Hip-Hop has been missing.

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With features ranging from: Andre 3000 to Marsha Ambrosia, I can honestly say that this album is a treat. Even if you’ve never listened to them before I would encourage you to give them a try!

You can find the Album on iTunes. Be sure to tell me what you think about it!