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  • September 25, 2016

ATTN: “Creep Squad,” Snapchat has just the device you need to flourish

ATTN: “Creep Squad,” Snapchat has just the device you need to flourish

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Snapchat is continuing to make strides in separating themselves from popular social networks such as: Instagram,Twitter, Facebook, etc. to secure their place on the market, as a “camera company.” CEO Evan Spiegel recently announced that the company has rebranded itself to be called Snap Inc.,  and they will be releasing an actual hardware product this fall, to enhance the brand and demonstrate that the company is more than just an app.

via GIPHY (This is an example of how the Spectacle footage will look)

According to the Wall Street Journal, Spectacles are sunglasses that capture 10-seconded video clips, at a 115-degree angle to capture your natural point of view.  In an interview with WSJ, Spiegel said that his experience with the glasses was like “… seeing my own memory, through my own eyes.”

The glasses will cost you a smooth $129.99, which is cheap compared to the Google Glass, which is valued at $1,500. The glasses will come in black, teal, and coral.

I think it is also important to mention that the footage captured on the glasses connects directly to Snapchat, once you are finished recording.

Here’s what people are saying about Snap Inc’s. new invention: 


Will you be copping these cool new sunglasses?


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