Ask Lisa-Hair Tip of the Week

Ask Lisa-Hair Tip of the Week

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I am Lisa Fuller a salon owner, and stylist specializing in healthy natural hair. Our mission for Natura Magazine is to enrich women of color  with the confidence and knowledge to embrace their own natural textures. We are here to help you with all of your natural hair care needs.

So with this special subscription we offer you personal hair care advice, consultations, product recommendations, hair style recommendations, and health tips, for a more manageable experience.


Hair tip of the week
What is your hair care regimen?
In order to achieve maximum hair health and growth, you need to have a good hair care regimen, which should include a good hydrating shampoo and more importantly a great conditioner, because your conditioner is what will make (or break) your healthy hair care regimen.
The function of a conditioner is to restore moisture lost from the shampooing process and improve the hair’s manageability, so when choosing your conditioners make sure to choose brands that have a good reputation.

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Product Feature Of The Week:

Design Essentials: HCO leave-in conditioner

Spray-based leave-in conditioners are super great moisture boosters and should be used daily to refresh your natural tresses. They are also great to use on braids and sewn-ins.





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