50 Shades of Grey….Hair?

50 Shades of Grey….Hair?

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From purple to blue, 2014 has been the season for many vibrant hair colors. Now, grey hair has been added onto the list. This hair color isn’t really a color every girl can pull off but surprisingly, it’s becoming more popular, especially among the natural hair community. Younger women are adding their own uniqueness into this trendy hair color and it’s beautiful. Doesn’t matter if its, short, long, curly, kinky or straight, these ladies found a way to best suit their style with this elegant color. Not only has it been dyed in natural hair, but girls are even dyeing their extensions grey!

Consider it a fashion statement; if you have an edgier, grunge style go for a charcoal grey. If you have a chic but preppy look, you can never go wrong with a greyish-lavender or maybe a steel-blue greyish tint. Lastly, if you want to achieve a sophisticated style, silver-grey would be a great choice. These are all creative ideas to make your gray hair look flattering and guaranteed to make heads turn.

Some may disagree with the whole idea of rocking this look, but who cares! It’s different. If you like it, go for it. #beunique.

Here are a few beautiful ladies who had no problem embracing their grey tresses on Instagram! Go check them out!

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