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  • September 22, 2016

Chief Kerr Putney says that he will not be releasing dash-cam footage related to Keith L. Scott’s death

Chief Kerr Putney says that he will not be releasing dash-cam footage related to Keith L. Scott’s death

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People across the country have heard about the unfortunate fate of Kenneth L. Scott, an African- American man who was killed two days ago by a police officer in University City. There has been discrepancies on whether or not Mr. Scott had a book or a gun in his hand, at the time that he was approached by officers, but nevertheless it was received my many as another black man who was targeted and killed by the police.

Peaceful protests, turned violent yesterday in Uptown, Charlotte, which ultimately resulted in Governor McCory declaring  “a state of emergency,” and calling on the National Guard.

Here are some of the updates that you should know in regards to this tragic incident:

  • Chief Kerr Putney has no intentions of releasing the dash/body cam image to the public.
  • Chief Kerr Putney says that the footage does not provide “definitive visual evidence” that the victim was pointing a gun.
  • There have been allegedly 44 arrests, 9 civilians were injured, and 5 police officers were injured.
  • Civilians were allegedly arrested for: failing to disperse, assault, and break and entering.
  • Tonight there will be officers on foot, bikes, helicopters, and cameras around the city to ensure order.
  • National Guard and state police will protect buildings.
  • North Carolina passed a law to prohibit the release of dash/body camera footage without a court order. This law will be effective in October.
  • The man who was allegedly shot by another civilian has been identified as Justin Carr.


*12AM-6AM Curfew has been instated by Mayor Roberts

I will keep you updated on any new developments. Check out this clip of Chief Putney describing his findings:




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